Friday, February 1, 2013

Fallout Journal #3: Bobbleheads, Murder, Slaves and Soda

after the loss of Jehricho, i traveled the wasteland for a while, collecting my thoughts as well as a few loose bobbleheads here and there. i figured that the next plan of action was to enslave Megaton.

 i returned to Megaton, headed to the commom room, and enslaved the first person there. not much of a problem. i had a slight issue with only having one slave collar at a time, so a trip was needed to go to Paradise Falls after each capture and to get a new collar. slight issue, but i can deal. if you want the caps bad enough, you'll do anything.

 i took out a few generic Megaton settlers and enslaved them in the same way. unfortunately, someone got wise to what i was doing, and the whole town turned on me. crap. so what was supposed to be an easy enslaving of a whole town, quickly turned into a bloodbath. individuals like Stahl, West, and Creel all fell to my combat shotgun either on the walkways or the town square, Simms and Stockholm were a bit troubling, but both eventually fell. Mother Maya and Confessor, the heads of the Children of the Atom, ran scared and both fell. at this point, that "Bad Karma" chime is going off every five seconds. the Children of the Atom followers turn on each other, saving me time and bullets.

in the course of 45 real-time minutes, i had removed all but Moira and her Merc. the Merc died first, easier than i had expected. then i chased Moira around, cornered her behind her counter. and shot her repeatedly. that was it, the deed was done. Megaton was mine and mine alone.

i went back to the homes and business and ransacked as much as i could, then as i went to the saloon, i discovered a lone survivor. Nova. well, looks like its time for some celebratory post slaughter/ enslavement coitus!

i talked to her, and she replied that since Colin Moriarty is dead, she's out of the business.


BLAM! Dead!

so with megaton out of the way, i headed out to tie up some loose ends, specifically girdershade and their pursuit of Nuka Quantum. fine, the sooner i finish this quest, the sooner they get voted off the planet. off to the Nuka-Cola Plant i go. well, as i get there, i'm attacked by Hitmen who are pissed about things that i've done to people, ie, enslaving people. i'm also attacked by fellow slavers who are pissed because i'm making them look bad and they want to get rid of the competition. Geez, who isn't after me?

after battles with security bots and Quantum marinaded Mirelurks, i headed out to old olney where i'm  elbow deep in the Deathclaws. might need to resupply before attacking. hmm, are any traders still alive? i bet Moira would've loved my business.

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