Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Botton Character #2: "Dim" Star

"Dim" Star: Caravan Trader

body: 12
Job: Merchant [13]
Gimmick: Duct Tape and Chicken Wire [12]
Weakness: Full of Bad Ideas [12]


Barter (nv) +3
Big Guns (bo)
Energy Weapons(br) +1
Explosives (br) +1
Lockpick (br)
Medicine (br)
Melee Weapons (bo)
Repair (br) +2
Science (br)
Small Guns (bo)
Sneak (bo)
Speech (nv) +1
Unarmed (bo)
Perks: Scrounger [+2 to job when searching for stuff]
Lead Belly [50% of increased healing from natural food sources]

Equipment: Reef Blower [shotgun], Rock Crusher [vehicle], boat gas tank, boat brake, kelp cutter blade, 3 rations of snailrat, copy of the Wastelands Survival Guide, motorboat helmet w/goggles, pocketed trader outfit, 75 KelpCaps

General Info: You're a starfish with a keen eye for uses for useless junk. Ever since the fallout occurred, you've been scrounging the wastes for trinkets and treasures so that you can make a living. Not bad for a guy who spends most of the time under a rock.
Things haven't been too bad; you've scraped by here and there, and have even managed to make your rock house a mobile conveyance, one of the few left in the wastelands. Your business is getting better now that you're more mobile, but there is trouble brewing.
You've seen the strange eye-bots flying around, spewing out the stupid recordings of that Sheldon J Plankton fellow. He sounds important, and is talking about finding a legendary formula to help put things right again. You don't trust him, but the idea of getting your mitts on that formula doesn't sound too bad to you.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Kaijunnaire

borrowing the idea from Dread, here are thirteen indispensable  questions that need answering when it comes to creating a kaiju. it's like giant monster mad libs.

Kaijunairre 2014

This monster's origin is ________________________

This monster was discovered/ first seen/ first appeared_________________

This monster most closely resembles a _______________

This monster's most distinguishing feature is its_____________________

This monster's infamous roar sounds like a cross between ______________ and _______________

This monster's trademark weapon is __________________

Three abilities/ traits/ skills that this monster has are ____________________, ______________, and
___________________ .

An unfortunate side-effect/ byproduct of this monster is _____________________

This monster's primary diet consists mainly of ______________.

This monster's ultimate motivation is __________________________

This monster's main weakness is ______________________

the unofficial title of this monster is the ________________ of ___________________

this monster's name is _____________________.

Ancon 2014 Blurb 2: QAGS-in-a-bag: Kaiju Edition

Qags-in-a-Bag: The unpredictable, unbelievable, and improvisational game returns with a giant monster twist. Players will collaborate and complete a “Kaiju Questionnaire” which in turn will become a main feature of the game that will be played, even before the GM and players know the overall theme of the game. There no telling when and where this monster will pop up.
This game promises to be funny/obscene/disgusting/disturbing but always fun. Come play in the one event you don't want to miss.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Bottom: VaultBob WanderPants

my first pregen character for the upcoming AnCon 14 Convention in may (QAGS system)

VaultBob WanderPants: Wasteland Wanderer

Body: 12
Brain: 11
Nerve: 11
YYs: 3

Job: Humanity's Last Hope (12)
Gimmick: Sp.A.T.S. (13)
Weakness: naive (13)


Barter (nv)
Big Guns (bo)
Energy Weapons(br)
Explosives (br)
Lockpick (br)
Medicine (br)
Melee Weapons (bo) +2
Repair (br) +1
Science (br) +1
Small Guns (bo) +1
Sneak (bo)
Speech (nv)
Unarmed (bo) +3
Perks: Gunslinger [+1 bonus in SpATS]
Iron Fist [+1 bonus damage to unarmed atk]
Equipment: VaultBob Jumpsuit [AR 3] PipBob 3K [SpATS/ Navigation—1YY] Makeshift Spatula [+1 good condition] Snailmeat [Gary Hp 7 Avg Stats 9] 50 KelpCaps

General Info: You lived in PineVault 101 for the entirety of your life thus far, and were raised by your parents. They taught you everything, and your father spoke to you about the days before the bombs came. He spoke of a fabled formula, but you never really believed it.
They taught you the ways of being something called a “Fry-Cook”, instilling in you the techniques and philosophies of the food service industry. Even though food is scarce and generally unappealing, your parents always told you “the love is what makes food good”
one day, you awaken to your nautical horn alarm clock, ready for another day of learning, when you find that your parents are missing from the vault. Reluctantly, armed with your spatula, your PipBob, and your trusting pet, Snailmeat, you open the door to your vault and head out into the wastes.

 1 down, 5 to go

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Bottom Official Blurb

what i'm submitting for the convention in may. one of many to come.

Fallout in Bikini Bottom: Life in Bikini Bottom was good until two thermonuclear devices were detonated on the atoll directly above the watery landscape. The resulting wastelands beneath the oceans slowly gave rise to a new life, new factions, and a new set of problems. Hunger, Violence, and Sickness became the mainstays of life in Bikini Bottom.
Now, there is rumor of a Formula that could fix everything, and the false president Sheldon J Plankton and his Enclave now tirelessly search the wastes for the fabled Formula. However, Humanity's last hope and a rag-tag bunch of waste-landers might have what it take to prevent another war...and war never changes...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dressing the Part

forgive me for all the links in this one, but it's pertinent to what i have to say.

i've become recently addicted to cool t-shirts. places like and have my full attention. just recently i found several shirts i need ot have for this year's Ancon (theme is giant monsters). it's like the t-shirt gods and i are linked up

these are the t-shirts i need to get next.

for my Gozer vs Gojira game:

for my Fallout in Bikini Bottom game:

for my Project MAKO game:

and yes, even for my Dread: The Thing Beneath the Ice (coming soon)

thats all folks

The Brain Spits Up

i had mentioned earlier how i was thinking about jumping into a independent game contest with my project MAKO game. (which still lacks a proper name.) for the most part i've decided to be a part of it, even if just for the playtesting aspect of it.

now it says that i should" update my prototype" and get it game ready. now, i'm not going to lie, my prototype looks weak and needs some work. so i started to decide on what i needed to do.

1) replacing the point counters: i have counters that are only in 3 and 4 point increments, but i have cards now that could possibly cut points pools in half. so i managed to find so old cheap poker chips in the colors of yellow, red, and blue. these work perfectly.

2) respawners: i have small disks that show where the next victims are supposed to appear. unfortunately, they blend in too well with the board. so here comes the story as to how i'm going to fix it.

so i was in the bathroom, trying to think about what could make this game look visually. especially when it came to the spawning points. then, without warning it popped into my head.

BUOYS!!! like in JAWS!!!

so i know what i need to do next.