Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Botton Character #2: "Dim" Star

"Dim" Star: Caravan Trader

body: 12
Job: Merchant [13]
Gimmick: Duct Tape and Chicken Wire [12]
Weakness: Full of Bad Ideas [12]


Barter (nv) +3
Big Guns (bo)
Energy Weapons(br) +1
Explosives (br) +1
Lockpick (br)
Medicine (br)
Melee Weapons (bo)
Repair (br) +2
Science (br)
Small Guns (bo)
Sneak (bo)
Speech (nv) +1
Unarmed (bo)
Perks: Scrounger [+2 to job when searching for stuff]
Lead Belly [50% of increased healing from natural food sources]

Equipment: Reef Blower [shotgun], Rock Crusher [vehicle], boat gas tank, boat brake, kelp cutter blade, 3 rations of snailrat, copy of the Wastelands Survival Guide, motorboat helmet w/goggles, pocketed trader outfit, 75 KelpCaps

General Info: You're a starfish with a keen eye for uses for useless junk. Ever since the fallout occurred, you've been scrounging the wastes for trinkets and treasures so that you can make a living. Not bad for a guy who spends most of the time under a rock.
Things haven't been too bad; you've scraped by here and there, and have even managed to make your rock house a mobile conveyance, one of the few left in the wastelands. Your business is getting better now that you're more mobile, but there is trouble brewing.
You've seen the strange eye-bots flying around, spewing out the stupid recordings of that Sheldon J Plankton fellow. He sounds important, and is talking about finding a legendary formula to help put things right again. You don't trust him, but the idea of getting your mitts on that formula doesn't sound too bad to you.

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