Friday, April 18, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Bottom #3: Squid

back at it again and the deadline looms.

"Squid": an Irradiated Cephalopod

Body: 11
Brain: 13
Nerve: 10
Job: Wasteland Survivalist (13)
Gimmick: Irradiated Senses and Strength (12)
                      [-1yy or -1hp to activate]
Weakness: Karma's Kicktoy (12)


Barter (nv)
Big Guns (bo)
Energy Weapons(br)
Explosives (br)
Lockpick (br)
Medicine (br)
Melee Weapons (bo) +2
Repair (br)
Science (br)
Small Guns (bo) +1
Sneak (bo) +1
Speech (nv) +1
Unarmed (bo) +3

Perks: Rad Resistance: [30%]
Lead Belly: [50% of increased healing from natural food sources]
Equipment: Worn brown shirt, Clarinet [finecraft +1 club], Pickle Blaster [44 magnum] 55 kelpcaps.

General Info: radiation has take it's toll on everyone and everything, but the cephalopods have contracted a radiation sickness that rots their flesh, turning them into withered husks. There are some perks to the sickness, but it's only a matter of time before the sickness wipes out the entire population.
Squid had joined forces with Puff, a teacher turned merchant, and together they manages the stronghold known as Bountifool. Things have gone allright, and you've managed to live a decent life, but there are rumors of the president and his cronies scouring the wastelands for something that will make everything better. There's a fabled formula out there that might be able to fix everything, even your sickness. You had better make sure you get in on this, and get that formula in your tentacles before anyone else.

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