Monday, May 5, 2014

AnCon review: a brief summary

ancon 2014 has come and went. it was a weekend that was a blur at best, and not because of any alcohol or substances either. it was a non-stop series of events that were both memorable and amusing.

my daughter and i arrived on friday, and after collecting our badges and securing our room, we headed down to the floor and prepared to play the first event i was judging: Qags-in-a-bag: kaiju edition. (more to come about this later). Ian, a hexgames staffer and general good guy, only had one player for his event and i only had one player for mine, so we all joined together for my game.

saturday, i loafed around the convention in the early hours, met up with people as my daughter played clash of the kaiju, and bought some board games and card games in the dealer room. i went to my two o clock game, fallout in bikini bottom, but alas the game didn't go off. bummed about it because it was the thing i worked on more that anything else. my last event of the convention was Gozer vs Gojira, and it was surprisingly real good. ill tell more later.