Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Project MAKO: by any other name.

I've managed to get the Team Webster together to play Chomp! over the long winter break from work, and i think they really liked it, but they informed me that Chomp was already taken as a name, so now, tentatively, it's Feeding Frenzy, thought I'm sure that's taken too.

anyway, there's been a unique turn of events lately, and it's quite possible that i'm going to enter this game in the InDeCon contest at ANCON this year. we'll have to see what happens here.

more to come later. things that question my sanity are forthcoming.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Bottom: The Brainstorm

i'm throwing out ideas here.

i know that Plankton/Karen/Chum Bucket/Rock Bottom is the new enclave/raven rock. that's a certainty.

The Formula: so instead of lacking drinking water, lets assume that the world has sucky food. i mean really bad food, and everything that is caught and cooked up is less nutritional and bland. i.e. people are more or less starving without actually saying it. so the Krabby Patty formula, knows as "The Formula" is this rumored thing that could change crappy food into good food and possibly solve the food problems. (makes sense) obviously plankton would want this, right?

the Ghouls: Ghoulism, for lack of a better word, only affects cephalopods. so squidward and his peeps are doomed. sorry pal

Slavers: i'm a little hesitant to throw these guys in here, but they are a part of the fallout universe. there are two possible people for this. Dennis (from the movie) but i also like the idea of the Kevin and the Jellyspotters (since they had  that pit of #1 fans in that episode). either way it should be addressed. Paradise Falls needs a Bikini Bottom Location.

Raiders: this will just be the usual fishfolk of bikini bottom. i can't wait to draw a few of these guys as raiders.

Super-Mutants: Remember the large guys that were in the Salty Spitoon? yeah, a bunch of those guys running around in downtown Bikini Bottom as an overlay of the Mall.

Megaton: i picture a mashup of mrs puffs boating school and squidward's house. i figure that mrs puff would be a great moira and of course squidward would be a ghoul servant. who else whould live there? i still need to work that out. i'll have to take some liberty with the drawing, but i think that squid's house would make a grate front gate.

Robco: this one's throwing me for a loop. i think the designs of the robots should look like some of the denizens of Bikini Bottom. a mister gutsy could be a cephalopod, a robobrain could look like sandy. i'll get more ideas for this.

random encounter creatures" Clams and Jellyfish are the only thing that come to mind as organic  natural creatures to fight. more should come to me, right?

more to come

Fallout in Bikini Bottom: The Locations

i'm slowly formulating a world and eventual tabletop RPG session with these things, so the first step is the map. but to do that, i have to overlay some things.

this is one of my favorites at the moment. another sketch done at work last night.
This is the Krusty Towers as Tenpenny Tower. The result is Tenpatty Tower, but i'm not sure who lives here or runs the show, but i think the prime candidate is Bubblebass. (he's the only character who's enough of an a-hole to do something like this).

i think i'm getting better at this, at least in my own mind, but there is still much to do.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

one more FallBob Sketch

one more for a little bit. i really had to do this one. i think i nailed it.

Spongebob and Gary as Vault 101 and Dogmeat. i'm surprised that i haven't seen something like this before. it all makes sense now. i even caught spongebob's undying optimism, as he raises his arm to show gary all of the possibilities of the world around them, even though the world lies in ruin. it's bare-bones as a picture for certain, but i really like it.

now i'm gonna have to plan out what i can do with this stuff.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Bottom Sketches

a few quick sketches i've been doing at work during some in-between time.

again, i don't claim to be an artist, but i can sometimes get the point across.

anyway, some of the general ideas and locations of Fallout in Bikini Bottom.

my (unfinished) take on the shattered Krusty Krab. it's up on a cliff. note the Pulowski Preservation fallout shelter in the foreground,

Spongebob's pineapple as Vault 101. this is unfinished, because i still need to do the left side, but this is the obvious choice. i really like this one.

The Bikini Atoll as Point Lookout. the small island that everybody knows that lies just above Bikini Bottom acts a a DLC location. ignore the huge white square, i erased a small mistake in paint and forgot the scratch paper i had was lavender.

Sandy's armored Treedome as The Citadel. another unfinished sketch, and frankly i can do better (i think) and i would need to review what the citadel in fallout 3 looks like so i could adopt it into the drawing.

some of the other ideas i have kicked around, and will be sketching at some point:

Krusty Towers as Tennpenny Tower
Nautical Boat Museum (or the Thug Tug) as Rivet City
The Chum Bucket and Rock Bottom as Raven Rock (close to being finished)
Mr Krabs Anchor as Dukov's Palace
KelpShake as NukaCola Plant
Mermaid Man/ Barnacle Boy as Antagonizer/Mechanist

i'll have more, the floodgates are wide open now.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Bottom: update

i've been working a lot, but i;ve still manages to put some time on some drawings i've been working on during downtime. mind you i'm not an artist, but i still can usually get the point across. anyway, i'll post some of them once i'm done with them

i've kicked around locations and where they would coincide with the bikini bottom universe, and i've some up with interesting ideas. my only things is that i'll have to move some stuff around, but i shouldnt be that big of a deal.

more to come.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Bottom: Why?

i'm gonna go off tangent here for a bit, to explain why this has happened.

over the christmas break, santa claus brought my children two of the "Skylanders" games. if you don't know, it's an action game where kids place specific skylanders toys on the portal in from of them, and then that character is playable in the game. a really neat idea.

well, it's got the kids all excited, and even though i bought them one of every type of skylander needed for the game, we've all become captivated with specific ones we don't have yet. so we've ventured to the stores to grab a few more here and there.

well, each time we go to the stores, my youngest daughter pulls me aside to look at this spongebob video game called "Plahkton's Robotic Revenge".

"It's for Wii U, honey.", I say, because it is and we have a playstation and frankly i've never seen it for PS3.

so we leave. over the course of two or three days of hunting, at several different stores, she keeps finding this damn game.

we end up at a local gamestop, and again the game is placed in my face.

i tell her,"Look, honey, this is for a game system that we don't have. come with me." i take her over to the PS3 section, a big wall of new and used games. "this is the type of games we can play. do you see it here?" i say this last part in a little bit of a snarky see-if-you-can-find-it-here-i-dare-you kind of voice. the chances of finding it are slim to nil, since i've never heard of it until now.

and my daughter manages to find it. sitting like a book on a shelf, one copy, for ps3. i take it from her hands. stare at the cover and the back, then the price "$30 bucks..fine." i say, defeated.

"really!?" she says excitedly. i nod, and we checkout with this game.

now this game is all she really plays. it's her genuinely owned game. it's not bad, really easy, perfect for her. we play it every day, often starting and finishing the game in the same session.

the premise is that plankton has found batteries from a cargo ship that dropped them, and he's built robot suits and a robot army.ok, nothing amazing there, until you see the robot body of plankton, as well as the final boss fight of the game.

here's a pic. sorry it's not a great shot, since few of these really exist.
there are two things that i took away from seeing this for the first time. one, plankton's robot body, which by the way the plankton robot appears numerous times before this final battle, strongly resembles that of an Eye-bot from FALLOUT 3. Two, on the right hand side of the level is a Krusty Krab restaurant (home of the Krabby Patty :) ) that has been blown up and left as a derelict. it reminds me of several of the diners that you come across in FALLOUT 3.

ok, two freak occurrences in the same level jumpstart my mind and off i go on one of my brainstorms. last night i started drawing images of spongebob characters as fallout characters. a lot i had thought of right away, and some are still coming to me now.

Spongebob as the Vault 101 Wanderer: i had been trying to figure out what Spongebob was in this fallout universe, and i had tried so hard that i missed the obvious choice. i think he looks pretty good in a vault-tec jumpsuit. plus the more i think about it, his pineapple home has a vault door on it anyway. so let's run with that.

Gary the Snail as Dogmeat: yeah, this one came to me last, just before i stopped drawing. an obvious choice for the wanderer's sidekick.

Squidward Tentacles as a Ghoul: Oh i love the blatant misery of this! Squid has been miserable since the first episode, mostly because of spongebob, and it would only be fitting that his torment continue as a Ghoul. oh, by the way, i put a little hair on his head just to add the the torment, since extreme amounts of radiation are really the only thing that would grow hair on the bulbous dome.

Patrick Star as a Caravan Trader: quite frankly, i really just wanted to see patrick in that ridiculous motorcycle helmet, but i think the part of caravan trader might be pretty good for him. kinda like crazy wolfgang, he'll be quirky. i hope he finds a way to make his rock house mobile.

Sandy Cheeks as a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin: an easy choice, since she always has on that suit, plus she has some scientific know-how so the fact that she would be BoS is real easy. it makes the tree dome a perfect Citadel, once it goes into armored mode. i'm glad the drawing came out as well as it did.

Mr Krabs as Drukov: ok, get your mind out of the gutters, we're still keeping this PG-13. if anyone could live it up after an apocalypse, it's eugene krabs. his anchor becomes his pleasure palace, with all the money instead of girls. since his restaurant lies in ruins, all he's really need is his money and his daughter, Pearl, who could act as an armored guard instead of..well..you know.

Plankton as President Eden: the main antagonist of our story shouldn't be a surprise. his eye-bots are sent across bikini bottom, made in his image, spreading the words of president sheldon. his enclave followers are also plankton in traditional enclave armor, but the heads remain as plankton bots. (i'll draw this later, maybe) Karen is Plankton's vid-screen, and the real plankton is in a tube nearby in suspended animation, waiting for the right time to reawaken and take his place as ruler of under the sea.

more to come later, stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Bottom

my curse rears its ugly head again.

my imagination is like the Hydra. you cut off one head, and two more appear.

i have two projects i want to work on, but i'll give this one first attention.

the pic is self explanatory: a mash up of Spongebob Squarepants and Fallout.

details to come as to why this exists, what i intend to do with it, and why it will work.


Gozer Vs Gojira: Part Three: The Game

So, we have Gozer drawing power from the kaiju and placing into Staypuft, making him more powerful, bigger, stronger, etc, as the terrestrial Kaiju are getting weaker and slightly smaller. (this solves the size and power issues of the two. even playing field now :) )

Gozer is drawing power from the ghosts and the stolen power from the kaiju in a reciprocating cycle. the two power types, the kaiju and the yokai, are now closer than ever, and gozer is close in creating the ultimate destructor form.

so here comes the big issues of the game.

1) Stop the spectral vortex and the energy drain of the kaiju.

2) prevent ultimate destructor form from being created (all dimensions collapse/ end of the world)

3) banish Gozer forever {possibly with the dimension tide.}

who are the brave souls that are willing to stand in the way of such opposition, as well as standing directly between the inevitable Godzilla Vs Staypuft confrontation?

here's what i've come up with:

1) Ghostbusters: one of the obvious choices. creating more of an MIB type of agent, the VSSZ ghostbuster is a cool svelte operative with more substance than slapstick. add in a bunch of cool tech and vssz resources, and it's a sure shot for a character who can get things done.

2) G-Force: similar to the ghostbusters, except expertise lies with the kaiju end of things. again, with pretty much military and government backing, their a great choice for a character.

3) M-force (HEX Games): a not so obvious choice, but these operative from HEX Games' setting from the same name have been involved in everything, including a giant monster attack where they were involved at the epicenter of the event. they know a bit about both Kaiju and Yokai, know how to get things done. though they lack the significant resources of VSSZ and G-force, they might be able to add another dimension to the game with a slightly different point of view.

4) B.P.R.D.(Dark Horse) : the bureau for paranormal research and defense, from the Hellboy Comics. ok, quite honestly i thought of this group as one of those who would stand against such catastrophic odds, but alas i don't know a whole lot about them. all i know is that since this game involves different dimensions, why wouldn't this not be a viable option. someone who knows a lot about Hellboy might be able to work this in.

5) Pan Pacific Defense Corps(Pacific Rim) Why wouldn't you add these people in. the PPDC was established in 2014 and the Shatterdome in Nov 2015. this part could be interesting for players who want to work together and "Drift/Pilot" a Jaeger. especially if they can create their own Jaeger, incorporating VSSZ/G-force tech into their designs. imagine all the excitement of working as backup as Godzilla and Staypuft throw down in Japan.

so there are your pawns in place. the board is set. all now to do is let the game play out.

coming soon to a convention near you.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Gozer vs Gojira: Part Two: The Storyline

so we have the backbone of what has occurred in our timeline of godzilla/ghostbusters events.

so now what?

well, let's address the time of departure for godzilla and friends. they disappeared in 1975, only to reappear in 1985, one year after the Gozer incident.

the question is: where were they?

the answer: they were evolving...

during the Heisei period of films (the period between 1984 and 1999, the kaiju learned a new trick; they learned about their kaiju essence, and how to transfer from one state of being into another state of being. it's kinda like matter transference, since matter can't be destroyed, it just changes states. the very essence of the kaiju escapes into the air, appearing much like a gold dust. this cosmic state of the kaiju directly relates to their cosmic beginnings as part of the whole. (see the beginning of time)

also, they learned how to transfer their essence to other things, such as other monsters as pure cosmic energy (rodan does this really well in godzilla vs mechagodzilla 2). this is key to what we're doing here, so we will assume that this become the standard for kaiju for this storyline.

so where do we go from here?

Gozer is back in our dimension because of the Dimension Tide weapon fired in 2001, but the entity is weak, and needs the souls of the dead to get its power back. over the next decade, gozer is able to regain power, nothing too significant for the entity to cause tremendous destruction, but enough to cause disruptions for the general populace. Gozer too begins to understand what is occurring with the kaiju, and realizes the only way that The Destructor will be successful in it's campaign of destruction is by becoming the most powerful entity on the cosmos.

so how does that happen?

lets assume that monster island is still the home for all the kaiju in the world. and with all the kaiju in the area, there is also all that untapped essence there. Gozer sends a Spectral Vortex over the whole island, siphoning off as much kaiju essence as possible.

the effect is that the ghosts around the world are becoming more powerful, harder to trap and eliminate. obviously, VSSZ catches on to this, and their agents begin to research why this is happening.

additionally, g-force is looking into monster island, and this giant vortex that is being held over the island. they begin taking some measurements, and it appears that the kaiju on the island and getting weaker and smaller.

where's the power going?

it's transferring to staypuft, the last and most recent form of the destructor. he's becoming more powerful, bigger, and possibly the king of the kaiju.

more to come

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Gozer Vs Gojira: part one: the timeline.

i've seen this picture a lot. it's been thrown into my short attention span literally a hundred times, and each time i've smiled and said that it's impossible to pull off.

finally, one of my gaming partners in crime Ian, decides to throw it up on my social networking page so i get to stare at it for a while again. this time, i'm tagged in the pic with the phrase,"Convention Game."

this is the pic.
Godzilla Vs Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

now, even though this would be an epic showdown, something that people would want to see, there is so much logistically wrong with it.

let's take a look at the size chart, shall we?
according to this size chart, Stay Puft is about 100 ft. tall (with the hat) while Big G comes in at 160 ft. so G's got the marshmallow on height, but this isn't all this important, since Toho movie studio increased the size of King Kong to 150 ft. for his battle with Godzilla. so, this can be worked around.

with size out the door, the physical specs come into play. Stay Puft is the Destructor Form of Gozer, while Godzilla is a giant radioactive lizard with regenerative powers.


we saw what the proton packs did to the marshmallow in Ghostbusters, set him aflame but little else. but the total protonic reversal caused by the crossing of the streams did him in...like a nuclear bomb. godzilla's atomic breath has to be considered worse that total protonic reversal by a longshot. so again, G gets the edge is this one.

so i thought...until my brain decided to go another direction.

i was reminded of a little bit of text from a book, which by no real surprise Ian gifted to me a few years back, about Kaiju (Giant Monsters) and their ultimate connection to Yokai (Ghosts).

to paraphrase, the passage goes something like this:

"in the beginning, there was this great cosmos, and in this cosmos there was a great and powerful being that was a keeper of the universe and the reason for life on earth. however, this great thing divided into two separate beings, the Kaiju and the Yokai. the two flourished in their own ways, but never were the two to unite back into the whole, for their paths had been chosen, and what was done could not be undone."

more or less...

anyway, so this small thing began one of the weirdest brainstorms i've had in a long long time.

lets assume that the Godzilla and Ghostbusters universe are one in the same. that ghosts and giant monsters are commonplace.

now lets assume that the following things have occurred in the timeline in this mashed-up universe.

1) the great divide between kaiju and yokai occurred at the beginning of time.

2) gozer is a real entity, who was worshiped by the Sumerians, did all that terrible Sloar stuff, etc. in the early bc times.

3)Godzilla appears in 1954 and does his whole stomping of tokyo with his kaiju friends numerous times in the next two decades, only to disappear entirely for a while (lets call it 1975, the end of the Showa Series for Godzilla)

now the real interesting parts:

4) the NYC event, known as the "Gozer Incident" occurs in 1984. a small band of scientists known as the Ghostbusters stop the entity from ending the world, and banishes Gozer to the nearest dimension. weakened, but not destroyed, Gozer bides its time to find a way to return to the earth dimension and finish what it started. in the meantime, the ghostbusters (in an alternate tangent of non-canonical history) become the new standard.

to borrow venkman's words "we are on the threshold of establishing the indispensable defense science of the next decade. professional paranormal investigations and eliminations. the franchise rights alone will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams."

so ghostbusting becomes a global entity: VSSZ enterprises (pronounced Vis like Vision. technology for the home, the military, and even their own special paramilitary agents are established.

5) 1985-Godzilla returns with other kaiju and begins another 20 years of destruction.

6)in 2001, G-Grabber, a division of G-force, develops a way to remove Godzilla from this dimension, by firing a controlled small-scale black hole weapon at him. the Dimension Tide Weapon is fired twice, but there are drawbacks, since a giant interdimensional bug called megaguiras enters our dimension. the other drawback: Gozer is able to return to our dimension, but in a severely weakened state.

this is the timeline of event i will use, the backbone to making this believable. more to come soon.