Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Bottom: Why?

i'm gonna go off tangent here for a bit, to explain why this has happened.

over the christmas break, santa claus brought my children two of the "Skylanders" games. if you don't know, it's an action game where kids place specific skylanders toys on the portal in from of them, and then that character is playable in the game. a really neat idea.

well, it's got the kids all excited, and even though i bought them one of every type of skylander needed for the game, we've all become captivated with specific ones we don't have yet. so we've ventured to the stores to grab a few more here and there.

well, each time we go to the stores, my youngest daughter pulls me aside to look at this spongebob video game called "Plahkton's Robotic Revenge".

"It's for Wii U, honey.", I say, because it is and we have a playstation and frankly i've never seen it for PS3.

so we leave. over the course of two or three days of hunting, at several different stores, she keeps finding this damn game.

we end up at a local gamestop, and again the game is placed in my face.

i tell her,"Look, honey, this is for a game system that we don't have. come with me." i take her over to the PS3 section, a big wall of new and used games. "this is the type of games we can play. do you see it here?" i say this last part in a little bit of a snarky see-if-you-can-find-it-here-i-dare-you kind of voice. the chances of finding it are slim to nil, since i've never heard of it until now.

and my daughter manages to find it. sitting like a book on a shelf, one copy, for ps3. i take it from her hands. stare at the cover and the back, then the price "$30 bucks..fine." i say, defeated.

"really!?" she says excitedly. i nod, and we checkout with this game.

now this game is all she really plays. it's her genuinely owned game. it's not bad, really easy, perfect for her. we play it every day, often starting and finishing the game in the same session.

the premise is that plankton has found batteries from a cargo ship that dropped them, and he's built robot suits and a robot army.ok, nothing amazing there, until you see the robot body of plankton, as well as the final boss fight of the game.

here's a pic. sorry it's not a great shot, since few of these really exist.
there are two things that i took away from seeing this for the first time. one, plankton's robot body, which by the way the plankton robot appears numerous times before this final battle, strongly resembles that of an Eye-bot from FALLOUT 3. Two, on the right hand side of the level is a Krusty Krab restaurant (home of the Krabby Patty :) ) that has been blown up and left as a derelict. it reminds me of several of the diners that you come across in FALLOUT 3.

ok, two freak occurrences in the same level jumpstart my mind and off i go on one of my brainstorms. last night i started drawing images of spongebob characters as fallout characters. a lot i had thought of right away, and some are still coming to me now.

Spongebob as the Vault 101 Wanderer: i had been trying to figure out what Spongebob was in this fallout universe, and i had tried so hard that i missed the obvious choice. i think he looks pretty good in a vault-tec jumpsuit. plus the more i think about it, his pineapple home has a vault door on it anyway. so let's run with that.

Gary the Snail as Dogmeat: yeah, this one came to me last, just before i stopped drawing. an obvious choice for the wanderer's sidekick.

Squidward Tentacles as a Ghoul: Oh i love the blatant misery of this! Squid has been miserable since the first episode, mostly because of spongebob, and it would only be fitting that his torment continue as a Ghoul. oh, by the way, i put a little hair on his head just to add the the torment, since extreme amounts of radiation are really the only thing that would grow hair on the bulbous dome.

Patrick Star as a Caravan Trader: quite frankly, i really just wanted to see patrick in that ridiculous motorcycle helmet, but i think the part of caravan trader might be pretty good for him. kinda like crazy wolfgang, he'll be quirky. i hope he finds a way to make his rock house mobile.

Sandy Cheeks as a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin: an easy choice, since she always has on that suit, plus she has some scientific know-how so the fact that she would be BoS is real easy. it makes the tree dome a perfect Citadel, once it goes into armored mode. i'm glad the drawing came out as well as it did.

Mr Krabs as Drukov: ok, get your mind out of the gutters, we're still keeping this PG-13. if anyone could live it up after an apocalypse, it's eugene krabs. his anchor becomes his pleasure palace, with all the money instead of girls. since his restaurant lies in ruins, all he's really need is his money and his daughter, Pearl, who could act as an armored guard instead know.

Plankton as President Eden: the main antagonist of our story shouldn't be a surprise. his eye-bots are sent across bikini bottom, made in his image, spreading the words of president sheldon. his enclave followers are also plankton in traditional enclave armor, but the heads remain as plankton bots. (i'll draw this later, maybe) Karen is Plankton's vid-screen, and the real plankton is in a tube nearby in suspended animation, waiting for the right time to reawaken and take his place as ruler of under the sea.

more to come later, stay tuned.

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