Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Bottom: The Brainstorm

i'm throwing out ideas here.

i know that Plankton/Karen/Chum Bucket/Rock Bottom is the new enclave/raven rock. that's a certainty.

The Formula: so instead of lacking drinking water, lets assume that the world has sucky food. i mean really bad food, and everything that is caught and cooked up is less nutritional and bland. i.e. people are more or less starving without actually saying it. so the Krabby Patty formula, knows as "The Formula" is this rumored thing that could change crappy food into good food and possibly solve the food problems. (makes sense) obviously plankton would want this, right?

the Ghouls: Ghoulism, for lack of a better word, only affects cephalopods. so squidward and his peeps are doomed. sorry pal

Slavers: i'm a little hesitant to throw these guys in here, but they are a part of the fallout universe. there are two possible people for this. Dennis (from the movie) but i also like the idea of the Kevin and the Jellyspotters (since they had  that pit of #1 fans in that episode). either way it should be addressed. Paradise Falls needs a Bikini Bottom Location.

Raiders: this will just be the usual fishfolk of bikini bottom. i can't wait to draw a few of these guys as raiders.

Super-Mutants: Remember the large guys that were in the Salty Spitoon? yeah, a bunch of those guys running around in downtown Bikini Bottom as an overlay of the Mall.

Megaton: i picture a mashup of mrs puffs boating school and squidward's house. i figure that mrs puff would be a great moira and of course squidward would be a ghoul servant. who else whould live there? i still need to work that out. i'll have to take some liberty with the drawing, but i think that squid's house would make a grate front gate.

Robco: this one's throwing me for a loop. i think the designs of the robots should look like some of the denizens of Bikini Bottom. a mister gutsy could be a cephalopod, a robobrain could look like sandy. i'll get more ideas for this.

random encounter creatures" Clams and Jellyfish are the only thing that come to mind as organic  natural creatures to fight. more should come to me, right?

more to come

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