Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Bottom Sketches

a few quick sketches i've been doing at work during some in-between time.

again, i don't claim to be an artist, but i can sometimes get the point across.

anyway, some of the general ideas and locations of Fallout in Bikini Bottom.

my (unfinished) take on the shattered Krusty Krab. it's up on a cliff. note the Pulowski Preservation fallout shelter in the foreground,

Spongebob's pineapple as Vault 101. this is unfinished, because i still need to do the left side, but this is the obvious choice. i really like this one.

The Bikini Atoll as Point Lookout. the small island that everybody knows that lies just above Bikini Bottom acts a a DLC location. ignore the huge white square, i erased a small mistake in paint and forgot the scratch paper i had was lavender.

Sandy's armored Treedome as The Citadel. another unfinished sketch, and frankly i can do better (i think) and i would need to review what the citadel in fallout 3 looks like so i could adopt it into the drawing.

some of the other ideas i have kicked around, and will be sketching at some point:

Krusty Towers as Tennpenny Tower
Nautical Boat Museum (or the Thug Tug) as Rivet City
The Chum Bucket and Rock Bottom as Raven Rock (close to being finished)
Mr Krabs Anchor as Dukov's Palace
KelpShake as NukaCola Plant
Mermaid Man/ Barnacle Boy as Antagonizer/Mechanist

i'll have more, the floodgates are wide open now.

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