Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Gozer Vs Gojira: part one: the timeline.

i've seen this picture a lot. it's been thrown into my short attention span literally a hundred times, and each time i've smiled and said that it's impossible to pull off.

finally, one of my gaming partners in crime Ian, decides to throw it up on my social networking page so i get to stare at it for a while again. this time, i'm tagged in the pic with the phrase,"Convention Game."

this is the pic.
Godzilla Vs Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

now, even though this would be an epic showdown, something that people would want to see, there is so much logistically wrong with it.

let's take a look at the size chart, shall we?
according to this size chart, Stay Puft is about 100 ft. tall (with the hat) while Big G comes in at 160 ft. so G's got the marshmallow on height, but this isn't all this important, since Toho movie studio increased the size of King Kong to 150 ft. for his battle with Godzilla. so, this can be worked around.

with size out the door, the physical specs come into play. Stay Puft is the Destructor Form of Gozer, while Godzilla is a giant radioactive lizard with regenerative powers.


we saw what the proton packs did to the marshmallow in Ghostbusters, set him aflame but little else. but the total protonic reversal caused by the crossing of the streams did him a nuclear bomb. godzilla's atomic breath has to be considered worse that total protonic reversal by a longshot. so again, G gets the edge is this one.

so i thought...until my brain decided to go another direction.

i was reminded of a little bit of text from a book, which by no real surprise Ian gifted to me a few years back, about Kaiju (Giant Monsters) and their ultimate connection to Yokai (Ghosts).

to paraphrase, the passage goes something like this:

"in the beginning, there was this great cosmos, and in this cosmos there was a great and powerful being that was a keeper of the universe and the reason for life on earth. however, this great thing divided into two separate beings, the Kaiju and the Yokai. the two flourished in their own ways, but never were the two to unite back into the whole, for their paths had been chosen, and what was done could not be undone."

more or less...

anyway, so this small thing began one of the weirdest brainstorms i've had in a long long time.

lets assume that the Godzilla and Ghostbusters universe are one in the same. that ghosts and giant monsters are commonplace.

now lets assume that the following things have occurred in the timeline in this mashed-up universe.

1) the great divide between kaiju and yokai occurred at the beginning of time.

2) gozer is a real entity, who was worshiped by the Sumerians, did all that terrible Sloar stuff, etc. in the early bc times.

3)Godzilla appears in 1954 and does his whole stomping of tokyo with his kaiju friends numerous times in the next two decades, only to disappear entirely for a while (lets call it 1975, the end of the Showa Series for Godzilla)

now the real interesting parts:

4) the NYC event, known as the "Gozer Incident" occurs in 1984. a small band of scientists known as the Ghostbusters stop the entity from ending the world, and banishes Gozer to the nearest dimension. weakened, but not destroyed, Gozer bides its time to find a way to return to the earth dimension and finish what it started. in the meantime, the ghostbusters (in an alternate tangent of non-canonical history) become the new standard.

to borrow venkman's words "we are on the threshold of establishing the indispensable defense science of the next decade. professional paranormal investigations and eliminations. the franchise rights alone will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams."

so ghostbusting becomes a global entity: VSSZ enterprises (pronounced Vis like Vision. technology for the home, the military, and even their own special paramilitary agents are established.

5) 1985-Godzilla returns with other kaiju and begins another 20 years of destruction.

6)in 2001, G-Grabber, a division of G-force, develops a way to remove Godzilla from this dimension, by firing a controlled small-scale black hole weapon at him. the Dimension Tide Weapon is fired twice, but there are drawbacks, since a giant interdimensional bug called megaguiras enters our dimension. the other drawback: Gozer is able to return to our dimension, but in a severely weakened state.

this is the timeline of event i will use, the backbone to making this believable. more to come soon.


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