Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ressurecting the Past

well, i've found the mother-load. someone managed to digitize a bunch of old Ravenloft adventures and tossed them out into the internet ether. i think i caught a few of them here and there, so i put some evil into my kindle.

additionally someone put the old school munchkin rpg out there ( the 3.0 edition). hmm. tempting tempting tempting. i wonder what else i can find out there.

the creative juices are flowing again, and i'm wondering what my brain is cooking up right now. i envision something fun, light, and enjoyable without the burden of heavy books and the lost time from looking up obscure rules.

something is coming...and i think its going to be cool. stay tuned!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ravenloft: Domain of Dread

today, i want out to my garage where i store most of the games that i have on hand. needless to say, there's a lot of stuff to go through.

anyway, i have an old rubbermaid bin that probably hasn't been open in several years. i know what's in there in great detail: Ravenloft supplemental materials from DND's second edition heyday. several box-sets, numerous modules, and tons of supplements and info.

now, why do this?

well, knowing how well dread intermingled with A Night a Seyvoth Manor. i intend to literally resurrect the dead..these dead modules, and bring them back to life with Dread. i think the synergy between the two will be enough to make this interesting.

Ravenloft via Dread: coming to a convention near you.

time to pick out a few favorite modules, and find some guinea pigs for experimentation.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ENnies 2013


To my gaming friends; i've been involved in a lot of things, and there are a few products on this list that i have a personal connection to. first, vote for Hobomancer for best E-book, since i know the great people at Hex, and how much work and time went into the making of this book. Secondly, vote for EPOCH for best rules and product of the year, since i wrote a review for the book, and a snippet appears on the back cover of the book. vote if you love games and innovation. that is all.

Dread Cards

sorry, been a while, but i've been working and also manages to misplace a few things that are pertinent to this blog. but i'm back for now.

anyway, i made these cards as a way to put status effects into the game, as an option in case someone wanted to do something, but didn't want to make a pull from the tower. they act as a "Saving throw", like when the monsters of DND put status effects on a player after an attack. i made a rule that you can only have three status effects on you at one time, or you're eliminated from the game. adds another dimension to the game.

the status cards are based off of the heath levels in Vampire, and the types of status effects in DND. there are 13 cards. in no specific order, the cards are:

Bruised: No effect
Mauled: 1/2 movement for one scene unless helped or another character makes 1 pull for you*
Stunned: make next pull with your off hand
Dazed: after next pull, make 1 additional pull with off-hand
Bloodied: Make a complex pull [2] now
Dizzy: Make a pull now
Hurt: very next pull MUST be complex [2]
Wounded: Next pull CANNOT be abandoned
Sickened: next pull becomes complex [2] and pull with off-hand
Crippled: 1/2 movement for 2 scenes unless helped on another character makes 2 pulls for you*
Injured: add 1 additional pull to the next pull
Incapacitated: you CANNOT make or attempt your very next pull
Crossbones: Discard--Draw 2 cards--Stack Effects

some notes:
 Off-hand means not with your dominant hand, in case you didn't know. if you're naturally ambidextrous, good for you.
those with the *, when another person pulls for you, both players are at risk for being removed from the game if the tower topples. you just can't throw another player under the bus...at least, for now.

now, i intend to bring back the dead, with these cards, and knowing how well seyvoth manor ran with the dread setting. it's time to go out the garage and open an old box that hasn't seen the light of day in several years. stay tuned friends...