Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gozer Vs Gojira: Part Three: The Game

So, we have Gozer drawing power from the kaiju and placing into Staypuft, making him more powerful, bigger, stronger, etc, as the terrestrial Kaiju are getting weaker and slightly smaller. (this solves the size and power issues of the two. even playing field now :) )

Gozer is drawing power from the ghosts and the stolen power from the kaiju in a reciprocating cycle. the two power types, the kaiju and the yokai, are now closer than ever, and gozer is close in creating the ultimate destructor form.

so here comes the big issues of the game.

1) Stop the spectral vortex and the energy drain of the kaiju.

2) prevent ultimate destructor form from being created (all dimensions collapse/ end of the world)

3) banish Gozer forever {possibly with the dimension tide.}

who are the brave souls that are willing to stand in the way of such opposition, as well as standing directly between the inevitable Godzilla Vs Staypuft confrontation?

here's what i've come up with:

1) Ghostbusters: one of the obvious choices. creating more of an MIB type of agent, the VSSZ ghostbuster is a cool svelte operative with more substance than slapstick. add in a bunch of cool tech and vssz resources, and it's a sure shot for a character who can get things done.

2) G-Force: similar to the ghostbusters, except expertise lies with the kaiju end of things. again, with pretty much military and government backing, their a great choice for a character.

3) M-force (HEX Games): a not so obvious choice, but these operative from HEX Games' setting from the same name have been involved in everything, including a giant monster attack where they were involved at the epicenter of the event. they know a bit about both Kaiju and Yokai, know how to get things done. though they lack the significant resources of VSSZ and G-force, they might be able to add another dimension to the game with a slightly different point of view.

4) B.P.R.D.(Dark Horse) : the bureau for paranormal research and defense, from the Hellboy Comics. ok, quite honestly i thought of this group as one of those who would stand against such catastrophic odds, but alas i don't know a whole lot about them. all i know is that since this game involves different dimensions, why wouldn't this not be a viable option. someone who knows a lot about Hellboy might be able to work this in.

5) Pan Pacific Defense Corps(Pacific Rim) Why wouldn't you add these people in. the PPDC was established in 2014 and the Shatterdome in Nov 2015. this part could be interesting for players who want to work together and "Drift/Pilot" a Jaeger. especially if they can create their own Jaeger, incorporating VSSZ/G-force tech into their designs. imagine all the excitement of working as backup as Godzilla and Staypuft throw down in Japan.

so there are your pawns in place. the board is set. all now to do is let the game play out.

coming soon to a convention near you.


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