Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Bottom Official Blurb

what i'm submitting for the convention in may. one of many to come.

Fallout in Bikini Bottom: Life in Bikini Bottom was good until two thermonuclear devices were detonated on the atoll directly above the watery landscape. The resulting wastelands beneath the oceans slowly gave rise to a new life, new factions, and a new set of problems. Hunger, Violence, and Sickness became the mainstays of life in Bikini Bottom.
Now, there is rumor of a Formula that could fix everything, and the false president Sheldon J Plankton and his Enclave now tirelessly search the wastes for the fabled Formula. However, Humanity's last hope and a rag-tag bunch of waste-landers might have what it take to prevent another war...and war never changes...

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