Monday, February 10, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Bottom: VaultBob WanderPants

my first pregen character for the upcoming AnCon 14 Convention in may (QAGS system)

VaultBob WanderPants: Wasteland Wanderer

Body: 12
Brain: 11
Nerve: 11
YYs: 3

Job: Humanity's Last Hope (12)
Gimmick: Sp.A.T.S. (13)
Weakness: naive (13)


Barter (nv)
Big Guns (bo)
Energy Weapons(br)
Explosives (br)
Lockpick (br)
Medicine (br)
Melee Weapons (bo) +2
Repair (br) +1
Science (br) +1
Small Guns (bo) +1
Sneak (bo)
Speech (nv)
Unarmed (bo) +3
Perks: Gunslinger [+1 bonus in SpATS]
Iron Fist [+1 bonus damage to unarmed atk]
Equipment: VaultBob Jumpsuit [AR 3] PipBob 3K [SpATS/ Navigation—1YY] Makeshift Spatula [+1 good condition] Snailmeat [Gary Hp 7 Avg Stats 9] 50 KelpCaps

General Info: You lived in PineVault 101 for the entirety of your life thus far, and were raised by your parents. They taught you everything, and your father spoke to you about the days before the bombs came. He spoke of a fabled formula, but you never really believed it.
They taught you the ways of being something called a “Fry-Cook”, instilling in you the techniques and philosophies of the food service industry. Even though food is scarce and generally unappealing, your parents always told you “the love is what makes food good”
one day, you awaken to your nautical horn alarm clock, ready for another day of learning, when you find that your parents are missing from the vault. Reluctantly, armed with your spatula, your PipBob, and your trusting pet, Snailmeat, you open the door to your vault and head out into the wastes.

 1 down, 5 to go

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