Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Brain Spits Up

i had mentioned earlier how i was thinking about jumping into a independent game contest with my project MAKO game. (which still lacks a proper name.) for the most part i've decided to be a part of it, even if just for the playtesting aspect of it.

now it says that i should" update my prototype" and get it game ready. now, i'm not going to lie, my prototype looks weak and needs some work. so i started to decide on what i needed to do.

1) replacing the point counters: i have counters that are only in 3 and 4 point increments, but i have cards now that could possibly cut points pools in half. so i managed to find so old cheap poker chips in the colors of yellow, red, and blue. these work perfectly.

2) respawners: i have small disks that show where the next victims are supposed to appear. unfortunately, they blend in too well with the board. so here comes the story as to how i'm going to fix it.

so i was in the bathroom, trying to think about what could make this game look visually. especially when it came to the spawning points. then, without warning it popped into my head.

BUOYS!!! like in JAWS!!!

so i know what i need to do next.


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