Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Kaijunnaire

borrowing the idea from Dread, here are thirteen indispensable  questions that need answering when it comes to creating a kaiju. it's like giant monster mad libs.

Kaijunairre 2014

This monster's origin is ________________________

This monster was discovered/ first seen/ first appeared_________________

This monster most closely resembles a _______________

This monster's most distinguishing feature is its_____________________

This monster's infamous roar sounds like a cross between ______________ and _______________

This monster's trademark weapon is __________________

Three abilities/ traits/ skills that this monster has are ____________________, ______________, and
___________________ .

An unfortunate side-effect/ byproduct of this monster is _____________________

This monster's primary diet consists mainly of ______________.

This monster's ultimate motivation is __________________________

This monster's main weakness is ______________________

the unofficial title of this monster is the ________________ of ___________________

this monster's name is _____________________.

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