Sunday, February 10, 2013

Building a Better Frag

i've been going back to my gaming roots for the past few weeks, opening up the boxes of games i haven't played in months. i stumbled across my old copy of Frag by Steve Jackson Games. it's a great combat game that emulates a FPS, and it's been through many different reprints. i have the old flat box from 2001. it's well played.

one thing that i didn't really care for is the box, just because once all things are cut out, there's no way to get the box flat again. so the first thing i intend to do is rebuild or substitute the box. however, as we all know, i can never let anything alone for too long.

i'm a big fan of FPS games, having several favorite franchises, but the one that sticks out the most for me is Unreal Tournament, which really goes hand in hand with Frag. my big intention is to make my own map, preferably taking some inspiration from the UT series, and make it durable, three-dimensional, and large scale enough to make it into a Convention game.

i like the concepts that were put forth in the Frag miniatures box set and also in the Deadlands set; Specific named characters with pre-built stats. i intend to bring this to the table, incorporating characters already in the game, along with some wayward minis of my own. additionally i'd like to be able to have my board be able to be used for several scenarios, like CTF, DM, Team DM, and maybe even some form of the Domination game. just thoughts and spit-ballin' ideas, but definite possibilities.

i'm going to include this link here, because of all the extra goodies and ideas here. i see there is a Frag/ Zombies!!! crossover game. perhaps i can add in a KAMB! scenario of my own?
more to come friends, more to come.

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