Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fallout Journal #4: Staring Down a Deathclaw with a .44

shortly after cleaning out the nuka-cola plant of all Quantums, I returned to Girdershade and handed off all the junk to Ronald. he paid me nicely, then we went to Sierra's house to watch Ronald "do his thing" (which was pretty much a bad innuendo about "filling her pop machine".

after Ronald left, i mezzed Sierra, but she didn't turn mindless. so i killed her. i told Ronald the good news about the love of his life, and after a deep discussion with our shotguns,  iwas the sole survivor of Girdershade

But why stop there?

i began walking the Wasteland, looking for other areas that i had previously left unexplored in previous games. i maintained my deliveries here and there. i had a battle with a DeathClaw (one on one) where all i had to pack a punch was my scoped .44 magnum.  i searched Vault 108  and murdered all the "Garys" i could find. i traveled to The Republic of Dave, The Grisly Diner (which may become a new BoO for me...nice decor) and wiped out the Raiders of Evergreen Mills. I finally found the boy from Grayditch and was given my proper XP. i began to do the dirty work of Mr Crowley (You Gotta Shoot 'em in the Head) and finding the VIP slaves for Paradise Falls. unfortunately, Both Rivet City and Tenpenny Tower are pissed at me, and thus, half their population is dead because of my temper. no matter, i intend to wipe out both locations soon.

i'm passed level 20 now. i'm the Scourge of Humanity, The Walking Apocalypse. Death, with Hell following behind.

now i intend to bring my talents to Point Lookout, The Pitt and the other areas (DLC) i never played.

until next time...

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