Thursday, February 21, 2013

PS4 Whoas and Woes

on 2/20/13, Sony announced that the PS4 was a reality. we all knew that this was coming, and new consoles are inevitable. so let's delve into it.

now, i was only able to watch about 45 minutes of the live stream, just because it became unbearable to watch do to bandwidth, but i was able to catch the specs, the controller, the concepts, and a few of the game footage before it was too glitchy.

the Whoas:

some of the concepts are cool and new, and the information that i read about the Dualshock 4 from PlaystationLifestyle was spot on. the DS4 is bigger with a touchpad and what seems to be the move technology all together. how this works should be interesting.

the specs, and i use this term loosely, are interesting. x86processor, an "enhanced" GPU, DDR5 RAM (lots of it) and a great big HDD (hopefully.) they said this was designed for "Evolution of tech" and made for game designers to give them no ceiling. that sounds great on paper. the sky's the limit is a cool thought for sure.

The game footage of Killzone Shadow Fall is terrifyingly beautiful and unexpected. crystal clear to the infinite horizon. seamless and perfect. The Driveclub footage is great as well, though i think it will be good for launch. it will have to prove itself, because we all know the long shadows that Gran Turismo casts on the competition. add in Need For Speed and a hopeful BURNOUT title, and it falls into the mix.

the purchase of GAIKAI by Sony might be the biggest thing. cloud gaming, and attempting to be the fast dedicated network on the planet for gaming means they're taking shots at xbox live. this will be interesting to see if they can do it.

the new interface and social "Share" aspects of this console are intriguing and frightening. nothing like this has been tried before. its thrilling in a dangerous way.

the "Anything Anywhere" mantra may be the key to all of this. if this opens the floodgates for me to get my hands on every game in the Playstation world, playable on so many devices, i may crap myself with glee.

The Woes:

PS3 Imminent Death: it's days are numbered, despite launching several big games this year and next. we still have God of War Ascension, Grand Theft Auto 5, Watchdogs, and others. despite people bitching about the lack of power in the PS3, i have had a hell of a time with this system, i have lots to still play, and intend to until the final day that PSN pulls the plug on the three.

Price? Time of release? forget that...what the hell does the thing look like?  i know Dev Kits are out there, but do they really have anything ready to go. i bet they do, they're sneaking up on MS i know. i've heard as early as this winter, but probably only in japan, but the us cant be too far off. still if the rumors of 400 are right, still a bit steep for most wallets?

Games We'll never see...if the end is soon, that means some of the best games i've played will never have had a sequel on current tech. only one Burnout title, only one UnrealTourney. we all know that Gran Turismo 6 is on the next gen, because it took way too long for 5. Pretty sure the Fallouts are done of ps3 as well, but here;s hoping for another return.

i know i'll have more gripes and greats about it, but for now i must reflect on what i have seen and heard and wait for more information.

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