Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Frag Ultra X

the tentative name for my bigger and better version of Frag. a lot of homespun ideas in this project.

i've taken a hard look at the maps that i have (the base box and DeathMatch) and have come to the decision that they are ugly. i'll be fixing that of course. also, the maps are 16 squares x 26 squares, and i intend to make them 20x30 for purposes of my traps. 1d20 and 1d30 are added to the mix for that. then it's just simple plotting of coordinates for that.

i'm looking at some boards already for the map. i may be crazy here, but i'm thinking about doing three boards that are similar to my Clash of the Kaiju setup. smaller squares of course.

i obviously can't do tunnels because that will complicate the rules somewhat, unless i use another board for that tunnel. i will have raised areas,but it will depend on design of the board and how 3d i really want it.

i have several miniatures who are making the jump to Frag. the first is Big Lou. here's some flavor text.

Big Lou is an odd addition to the Frag UX arena, since he is a throwback to the 1920s gangsters that plagued the streets of the big cities. He dresses in suits, complete with bowler hat and fine leather shoes, rather than the bulky and often lethal garb of his fellow competitors. Many in the arena have been fooled by his simple and vintage look, but in reality Big Lou is a solid killer who is not afraid to use anything he finds in the arena to finish the job.

the brainstorm continues.

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