Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fallout Journal #5: Death Walks Among Us part 1

pushing quickly up to level 26, and this is where my save branching will really kick into full gear. i've realized that i'm really close to finishing the base game. i've helped project purity as far as i can without endangering my game and prematurely finishing the game.

dad's dead, and the Citadel is open finally. i dropped off the holotags, and then learned to breathe properly to use my power armor. most bullshitty training ever.

i've attacked fort bannister and cleared out the Talon Company Mercs there. bunch of jerks, but that was actually a difficult area for me, but my near perfect guns really helped out there. never question superior firepower.

i traveled to a small cave near overlook drive-in and took out/enslaved the raiders there, less stressful than the Mercs for sure. i have the perk that allows your VATS APs replenish after scoring a kill in VATS, so i've become a pinpoint killer. head shots a plenty.

i traveled to Little Lamplight, found a kid named stinky who needed to go to Big Town. he kept telling me stories, which really pissed me off, but i didn't kill him. i left that for the Albino Radscorpion that we came across. I found Dogmeat shortly thereafter, but i rarely travel with him. he stays at my Megaton house to protect it with Wadsworth, my Mister Gutsy butler.

i went to Oasis and took care of the tree as per Harold's wishes. i'm evil, but not entirely heartless. shortly thereafter, i traveled to the Yao Guai Tunnels and Deathclaw Sanctuary to grad a few bobbleheads. both of these animals are attacking me more and more, and i really have to find a bigger gun to take them out. hate having to use the mini-nukes on the Claws

end part 1

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