Thursday, February 28, 2013

A General Update on things.

i've been working on several projects for various things, and have had to try and refocus efforts on things that are most pressing. as of right now, i'm nearing completion for my write up on "Welcome to Saw Hill" which should be beginning to show up on this site very soon.

secondly, i have a bad hankering to play Kobolds ate my Baby. i've pulled out all the old resource material. i've skimmed some things, and for some reason the phrase "Vor's Pissed Off Party Hat" has jumped into my mind and is kicking my brain around for attention. i'll get to that soon as well.

the first thing on my mind is to write up several new questionnaires for a Dread game that will hopeful occur rather soon. i looked at this free game called "The Night at Seyvoth Manor", which is actually for DND4E. let me be the first to say that this product is great. it captures a feeling of the old Ravenloft setting, whether that was the initial intention or not, and is expertly lethal. it's a standalone game that is played in 4 real-time hours. tons of great things, and a fantastic environment for the game.

so, i've challenged myself to a task. i intend to run it as a dread game, with a few tweaks here and there, but i'm going to make the questionnaires in a way that will allow me to either run the game in a fantasy-like setting or as modern day.

so far the character concepts appear sound with fantasy world and their modern day counterparts. the questionnaires are:

Knight/Police Officer





Druid/Wicca or Psychic


the questions will have to be broad enough to work both angles, but i don't think it will be much of a problem. enough talk. must write elsewhere.

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