Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dread Questionnaires for Seyvoth Manor

well, that was probably the fastest i've ever completed the questionnaires for any Dread game. they're only 8+name questions long, but i think they will cover it. room for growth. here they are.


You're known for your brute strength. Why do you prefer brawn over brains.

What's the greatest trouble you've been in with the law?

What items do you find indispensable in your line of work?

You're pretty well known, but hard up for money. When was the last time you were paid?

What's the worst job you had, and what invaluable piece of advice did you learn from it?

Why do you constantly carry a weapon with you, and what is it?

What's your greatest fear?

What injury still acts up every now and then?

What's your name?


When did you learn you had a knack for knowledge?

You are well-studied, and have taken on a pupil from time to time. Who was your favorite pupil and closest contact?

What three (3) knowledges are you most well versed in?

You spend much time in libraries, how does this affect your social life?

Tell me about the time that someone died because of your applied knowledge. Why was it tragic?

What horror disturbs you the most?

What occupation did you have before turning to knowledge? What did you learn from it?

How do you feel about others who may be “beneath you” intellectually?

What is your name?


You come from a long line of people in this profession. Why did you choose this profession?

Why were you reluctant to join this profession?

How do you feel about outlaws and lawbreakers?

When was the last time that your life was in dander? What happened?

What do you need on you at all times to make you feel at ease?

When was the moment that you learned about your sickness? What is it?

What special talents do you possess?

How do you feel about your superiors, and those who are your brothers?

What's is your name?


When did you first steal something, and what did you learn from it?

What special talents do you possess for your profession?

How many people know about your real profession? How well do you hide it?

Have you ever been caught stealing? What happened?

What items do you need for your profession?

What was your biggest score?

You have enemies because of a bad job. Who are they? Why do they wish you ill?

What do you fear most in life? What haunts you?

What's your name?


When did you turn to god and “hear his calling”?

How do you feel blessed about doing his work?

What have you learned in the time that you have been a loyal servant?

What items do you need on you at all time for your holy rituals?

How do you really feel about being a shepherd to the masses?

What major personal issue do you have? How would it damage your reputation if anyone found out?

Other than your god, who else do you seek for advice and find as a good friend?

What is the real fear that drives you to god?

What's your name?


Who taught you the ways of the forest?

What items do you need to survive in the wild?

You have a slightly different appearance than most. What feature sets you apart from the others?

What is the most valuable lesson you've learned from being on the hunt?

What one person influences you the most and is your mentor?

Tell me about the one time that you were near death in the wild. How did you survive?

What is the one thing you fear, and fear so deeply that it keeps you from sleeping at night?

What is you preferred weapon of choice?

What's you name?


How do outsiders feel about your beliefs?

How do you view yourself in the grand scheme of things?

What have you learned in the time of your craft?

When did you learn that you were in-tuned with nature?

Who guided you through the process of becoming one with nature?

What do you fear most in life?

What was the saddest moment in your life?

What good deed taught you an invaluable piece of information?

What is your name?

forgive any misspellings or anything with syntax. my mind was on fire with these. a step closer to running this thing.

also, out of respect for those who wrote the module, i'll leave the link to their product here. highly recommend it.

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