Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fallout Journal #2: A Sadistic Change of Heart

a few days ago, i sat down with coffee in hand and perused my wasteland survival guide (i.e. the game book) to read up on Megaton and to find the best way to systematically remove all life from the town. after reviewing the layout, i came up with a pretty good plan.

1) walk up to the bomb and save: this will be the return point in case everything goes sour.

2) disarm the bomb and get the deed to your house. make first parallel save.

3) find Jehricho. make second parallel save before hiring. after hiring, walk outside and cap first person you see. see how Jehricho reacts. if he turns on you, reset to previous save. if not procede to 4)

4) head to each home and inside area and sweep clean of all people.

5) pull out big guns, and rain down fire from the catwalks. watch the bomb, just in case.

6) gloat and revel in your decimation of Megaton.

seems easy enough right? well, the caveat is that when i disarmed the bomb, and got the deed to the house, i needed to outfit my home. the only way i can do that is by paying ass raping prices to Moira (DAMMIT!!). so she proves she is still useful for another day, thus her death is not imminent yet. i spend several trips selling and trading all around the wasteland, getting as many caps as i can to both pay for my housewares, as well as enough to pay for jehricho. once that is done i find jehricho. i pay him, and i begin to outfit him.

allow me to sidebar here for a moment; previous to all of the running around getting caps, and just after finding out Moira (DAMMIT!!!) is going to rake me over the coals for every last cap i have, i went to the arlington library to trade in my 13 pre-war books. now, due to my very evil nature, she refused to even talk to me. so, looking at her and her two brotherhood of steel sentries, i take all three out in a fit of rage. now i'm left with armor i can't use, but can trade, but the stuff is too heavy for me. so, i'll come back for it.

back to the story.

i take jehricho to my superduper mart hideout, fix him up with a few things, then suddenly wonder to myself...can Jehricho use power armor? we head to the arlington library, and i give him the armor. yep, within seconds, he's got the armor on like a champ!

so we head out. i decide to head across the map and drop off some sugar bombs at the subway station where Murray is making ultrajet. a few more caps trade hands, and i decide to head out to vault 92 to get a violin. while traveling, we come across paradise falls, a slaver community.

interesting thing about being evil, apparently paradise falls loves me! they welcome me in with open arms and offer me a business proposition. i get slaves for them for caps. anyone i want.

after rubbing elbows with some real scum of humanity types. i leave paradise falls. then it hits me:

i know where i can get slaves...a whole town...full of potential slaves...

change of plans, Jehricho...change of plans...

Note: Shortly thereafter, Jehricho was cut down by a Deathclaw. his body still remains stuck under a Deathclaw carcass. i think he would've preferred it that way.

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