Saturday, January 26, 2013

Return to the Wasteland: A Fallout 3 journal

For the third time, i've gone back to play Fallout 3. for some reason, this open world, post apocalyptic RPG captivates me every time. it features some of the most beautiful and haunting scenery ever produced for a video game. every time i play it, i find something new or interesting, and with the additional content never before played, i have much to do.

this time through, i'm playing as an evil character, which is surprisingly more difficult for me than it seems. i just can't kill anyone indiscriminately. i first have to weigh how useful this person will be in the future before i just kill them. i learned this the hard way when i was a dick to this kid who wanted me to help him with his irradiated ant problem. i was cruel and opened fire, but after dumping more then a dozen bullets into him, i realized that he wasn't dying (the game forbids the death of children, i didn't know that) and because of my actions, i can't finish his quest and have cheated myself out of valuable xp. lesson learned, i now carefully watch my karma meter to balance both the good and evil karma so i remain at a constant level.

so, as of right now, i've topped level 15, and still have a lot to do. here's a short list.

1) The Super Duper Mart -- i've cleared out the raiders and have made this spot my Base of Operations for the duration of my game. it's secure, has a storeroom for extra things, and a bed to sleep in. unfortunately, My BoO is in the most southern sector of the wasteland, so traveling back and forth is a pain in the ass, even with fast travel. my main goal is to find a sister spot to my BoO and establish it either in the central locale or northern most location.

2) Megaton must die -- this area is a well of good or bad karma waiting to be tapped. now, the first time i played, i nuked the city. cool, but it gets a bit boring, and the person you wish dies the most (Moira) ends up being the only survivor of the nuke. so my intentions this time through are simple: Use Megaton for all available resources, disable the bomb for the colony. then, once i'm given my own home for being the savior for the colony, murder every last resident and claim the town for myself. i'll need to find another doctor to heal radiation and addictions if the need arises.

3) Exploit "items-for-caps" arrangements to the fullest degree -- Meresti needs Blood Packs, Girdershade needs Nuka-Cola Quantum. The library needs Pre-War Books. Some Guy want Fingers or Ears or something. the fact is that all of these pay well, and if you're willing to do the legwork and haul the stuff, you can make some good caps. Girdershade needs only about 30 of the Quantums, so i'm pretty sure i'll liquidate both residents of the small village and take the place, and all the nuka-cola, for myself.

4) weigh the usefulness of others before murdering them -- seems simple enough. i tend to save  wastelanders who have been captured by supermutants. then as the run away, thankful for their newfound freedom, double tap in the back of the head. it's clean, and keeps the evil flowing. caravan traders get a pass now and then, just because i might need them later. store owners depend on situation and if they have backup or not.

5) make alliances when necessary and advantageous; break them when opportunity strikes -- i've had two instances of traveling down the road and coming across a trader who is battling a raider party. if you jump in and assist in killing the raiders, it helps your chances of survival by taking out the raiders a little faster and without incident, and less ammo too. then, once the last raider drops, have the trader meet an untimely demise by "running into" one of your shotgun shells.

6) Be the bigger man (or woman) with bigger guns and better equipment -- There's nothing better when a raider opens fire, then you pull out your near pristine laser rifle and cripple an arm. they run in terror, and gunning them down makes it all the more sweeter. Use Stealth Boys to really get those cheap evil kills.

i'll let you know how well i'm doing on these bullet points of evil. until then...MWAHAHAHA!!!

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