Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 24 12 Dread Questionnaire #5

Another for "Little Shop on Skid Row"


what were your aspirations before becoming a janitor?

Where do you work, and why are the hours unusually long?

Why did your spouse leave you?

What is the one quality or skill that you have learned from the custodial arts?

What did you see at your workplace that you've kept a secret for almost a year?

How did you get that bad burn?

You haven't talked to your parents since you moved to the city. How do you feel about them?

What three items do you carry on you at all times?

Your friend has been missing for a few weeks. Who was he/she and what did he/she do?

You have a past conviction. What did you do?

Who is one of your better acquaintances downtown? Why?

What place do your consider your sanctuary?

What is your name?

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