Sunday, October 14, 2012

10 13 12 Board Game Bandit

  From 2004 to the present, i really got into board games. i have a vast collection of board games, card games, and everything in between. there's something very relaxing and generally good about them. a bunch of people at the table, unplugged from technology (for the most part), conversing, and having a good time.

now, there is a problem with board games,  they take up tons of space, both on the table and when being stored and out of play. i now have all my shelves in my garage fulled with the buggers, plus some in the house, and some at another person's house. go figure.

Before the closure of one of the local games stores in this area, i was hosting board game sundays once a month at the store, and i was also doing reviews for some of the more prevalent board games out there. this space is going to become a home to my reviews of the board games that i have , and some of the newer things that are out there.

in the next few weeks, i will have some reviews for you to peruse.  hope you read them.



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