Saturday, October 20, 2012

10 20 12 Dread Questionnaire #2

This was a player questionnaire i made for my "Little Shop on Skid Row" scenario for Dread. There have been some minor changes to a few of the questions, but they are still valid.


When did you learn that you like to hurt people?

What is your secret addiction? Who is your supplier?

How did you get involved with the wrong people? Who are they?

What hobby do you have that might be embarrassing if others found out about it?

Who is the one family member you actually care about?

Who are your usual contacts?

What items do you need for your handiwork?

What have you learned as a skill doing what you do?

Police are looking for you for a serious crime. What did you do?

What's the description that police have of you, and why is it wrong?

What job did you have for a while before becoming a full time criminal?

What's your favorite hangout?

What's your name?

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