Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 16 12 Doom's Day

Generally, about this time of the year, the trend for video game companies is to release their big name games to ensure good 4th quarter sales. now this is also about the time that i have my"must buy's" come out.

now last year, i had to have three: Uncharted 3, Saints Row: The Third, and Batman Arkham City. now i did manage to purchase all three and really enjoyed them.

this year, even with such great games coming out, i really didn't feel a need to run out and buy anything for the first day. until now.

Today, i heard that Doom 3:BFG edition was to hits stores, and i squealed like a school girl when i heard about it. i rushed off today, snagged a copy at a great price, and shoved it into my PS3. i was instantly greeted with a "please select" screen of DOOM, DOOM II, or DOOM 3


there was no other choice, DOOM! first level, on Ultra-violence, in all of it's old school pixelated glory!

so why am i so excited about this collection?

what? what kind of question is that? how can you ask that?

you have to understand, for every FPS that has come along, console or otherwise, they must pay tribute to DOOM. DOOM is the grand-daddy of them all. the Rose Bowl of FPSs. all the groundwork for the countless shooters out there was laid in 1993 with this release.

so the way i see it, if you were to put all the FPS games in a bar, it's going to go like this...

the bar is full and the air is heavy with gun barrel smoke. there are several hunched over figures at the bar trying to drown their sorrows about never hitting the big time. (Postal, Daikatana, Haze, Perfect Dark, Mag).

There's a few nearby telling stories about the good old days, and how they may or may not wish for another chance. (Resistance, Medal of Honor, Timesplitters, Killzone)

Then you have a loud bunch sitting at a large table, trying to outdo each other with the whole "anything you can do, i can do better" routine. (Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield)

Duke Nukem is off in the corner with his own peeps. He's dealing with a lot these days (Duke Nukem Forever)

Somewhere, through the haze of smoke, there is a glow of light at a corner booth. an aged space marine with his helmet off is sitting with five women who are half his age. He smiles and says:

"I don't always go to Mars, but when i do, i'm knee deep in the dead."

That, my friends, is why Doom will always be the numero uno in my book. he may not have done everything, but he did just enough.

and, Doom is man enough to give a high five to his older brother, Wolfenstein 3D.


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