Monday, October 15, 2012

10 15 12 A Simple Dread Questionnaire

This is one of the many questionnaires that i have had to make over the last year for one of the games that i needed to run. it's here just to put it down for prosperity, and for you to get an idea as to how some of the questionnaires are laid out. if you wish to use it for one of your own games, by all means, go ahead and use it.

One thing that is always important about filling out the questionnaires is the more information that you give, the better off the overall character will be. it is always assumed that the questions are followed up with an unwritten "why?" for more depth of answer.

Police Officer

How many years have you been on the force? Do you like what you do?

When was the last time you saw your wife? What happened to her?

What three (3) items do you find indispensable in your line of work?

What skill did you really need to work on when you became a cop? why do you still need to work on it?

What, or who, was the most influential reason for you to become a cop?

What happened that night when that gang came to your house?

What do you do off-duty that can get you fired as a police officer?

Why have you never been back to visit your parents?

What has been your greatest achievement as a police officer?

How do others treat you knowing that you are a cop?

How often do you drink during the week?

What street contact has helped you out with some good tips? What does the contact want it return?

what's your name?

From this questionnaire, a good host can draw out history of a character, how skilled they are (or are not) in a certain field, what they have on their person, close family and acquaintances, fears, vices, and the like. note that this questionnaire does not have anything about appearance, but the player can be free to add that is as they see fit. one of the nice things about this game is that the player can answer the questions any way that they see fit, so they can really get out some good information if they are savvy enough.

again, i highly recommend picking up this game, or at least playing it sometime. Halloween is getting closer, so perfect timing.


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