Friday, March 15, 2013

Fallout Journal #9: Tribals, Hallucinations, Rituals, and Brain Trauma

I recompose my self, grab a few repairs and supplies, and head towards the supposed haunted Calvert Mansion. Upon entering, i'm forced into aiding Desmond, a Ghoul who strangely resembles Robert Goulet with the abrasive attitude of an F-bomb Dropping sailor. His home is being assaulted by another group of people called the Tribals, and for some reason, they have it out for the ghoul and his home.

together, well mostly me, we sweep the mansion room by room and floor by floor. after taking out the dirty bastards. i make an uneasy pact with the ghoul to go infiltrate the tribals and find out why they attacked. Desmond tells me that the place that the tribal call home is the Ark and Dove Cathedral north of the mansion.

i head off, and since i have discovered every location, i feel free to use my fast travel at will. i get to the gate, only to be told that i have to go do a ritual. i have to meet the Mother of Punga Fruit plant in a sacred bog. already i have deja vu. this smells of Oasis all over again.

again, i fast travel to the sacred bog, fight off swamplurks and mirelukrs,and make my way to big ass Punga plant. i get sprayed by the dreaded spores of the plant and black out.

the next five minutes involves me wandering around the swamp in a hallucinatory state, where nuka-cola become small atom blasts, and bobbleheads decide to taunt me. great, just what i need. inanimate objects pissing me off. i stumble to the end of the hallucination, black out again, and find myself outside the bog being attacked by a bloatfly swarm. i hate this.

after wiping off the gratuitous amount of bloatfly guts off my armor, i fast travel back to the church. i get in, talk to the tribals, and try to find out what the hell is going on and who is calling the shots. the tribals are friendly, but they appear to be not all there in the head. long story short, i have to go find a cave and talk to the leader. before exiting, i come across Nadine, the girl i'm suposed to be looking for in the first place, the reason i went to point lookout. she lets me know that i'm also a bit light in the head as well, and that new scar on my head tells me that the ritual is complete. someone has taken a bit of brain from everyone in the tribe during the ritual, and she intends to find out who it is.

wait a minute! back up, bitch! I've been lobotomized?

she runs off to find out the perpetrator, but tells me to meet her on the boardwalk for more information later.

pissed off, i head to the location of the cave, enter the place, and find the leader talking to someone i can't see, but it sounds like it coming over a PA system. i head up, make nice with the leader, and he tells me that he only communes with the real leader, who is up there on the ledge. i walk up, and come across the real leader of the Tribals.

a holographic image of a brain.

what the F -bomb!? i shake my lobotomized head. makes sense about the lobotomies now, right?

nope. this snarky brain lets me know that he's been in a rivalry with Desmond, and wants to see him removed, so that he can continue his work. ok, kind of hard to do without a body, but sure, i'll go tell Des whats going on.

i return to Desmond's place, and he fills me in on what's going on. this brain is the real owner of this mansion, and the two have been battling over scientific discoveries. great, so now i'm stuck in a scientific version of "The Prestige". Ok, what do i need to do?

i take this jammer Des gives me, then head to the highest point in point lookout to install it; the ferris wheel. now, i'm given a choice on who i want to work for, and i could destroy the jammer and make Calvert the brain very happy, but screw that...i hate "the brain in a jar" trick.

i install it, pop on a stealth boy, a slink away from the tribal hunting party that is trying to stop me. i get back in time to the Mansion, to see it blown to smithereens before my eyes. luckily, Des has a special hiding spot. he also finds out where the brainy bastard is hiding out, just under the lighthouse in a secret lab.

we head...stupid the secret lab and begin the cleansing process. i find out that the two of them have been working on the whole robobrain project. ok, makes sense i guess. we get to the final area, where brain in the jar is located, and i'm given one more chance to change sides.

screw you brain..time for a headache...see what i did there? a bit of ironic humor before...blam!

the brain gets a taste of life on the outside of the jar, and it doesn't likey... see what i did there again? brains have no sense of taste, no tongue...see it's funny--oh nevermind.

anyway, i bid a great big F.U. to Desmond, hope i never see his guts again, and leave. i head to one more place on the map, a place called Blackhall Manor. i meet an old man named Obediah Blackhall, and he wants for me to get back an old book from some backwoods folks. he'll pay 1000 caps for it.

sure, i love money. i head out and run into someone who wants me to give the book to her if i find it because the book, called "something that vaguely sound occultist and starts with a K" (i really don't care at this point) is evil. sure, magic in Fallout. not a chance missy.

i head to these ruins, pop on another stealth boy, grab the book, slip past the reinforcement, and give the book back to the old man and get my caps. just out of curiosity, i head back to where the old man has gome with the book...and find him playing in front of an alter with a dead body on it.

whatever, i'm out of here. love playing the evil, don't care character if you can't tell.

i come back to the Duchess Gambit to find Nadine with a smile on her face. she has found out who did all the brain cutting. apparently it's the owner of this boat. she's manage to subdue him and find out that he had a deal with the tribals that he's do the cutting as long as he got "a cut" of the punga fruit so he could trade it later at other ports. he has a collection of grey matter in his little engine room.

infuriated, i walk it to the engine room where this ferry bastard is, have a little q and a, and then blammo to the face. i look around and see a jar that i seem to find a bit familiar.


i take my lump of brain and head home. if i see point lookout again, it will be all to soon.

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