Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fallout Journal #8: Point! Lookout!

i dove off the Dunchess Gambit, the shoddy riverboat conveyance, and onto the wooden boardwalk of Point Lookout. i took in this new environment, and began snooping around.

now, from what i understand, this DLC is supposed to be the swamp-zombie scenario. yes, there is swamp, and yes there are kinds of zombies, but again, this is only what i know so far.

i headed west as far as i could, down the coast, and began my ultimate search for every location in the area, and tried to get a feel for the lay of the land. so far, i've come across the variations of Swamplurks, Ghouls, MireLurks, and the local enemies, a cross between a backwoods hill-folk and an infected mutant. they go by names like bruiser, scrapper, and creeper.

now, a word on my equipment. i had packed a little lighter, but carrying some of my weapons with tremendous stopping power. combat shotgun, laser and plasma rifles, minigun, missile launcher, and the infiltrator.

so things are going well, except for one problem. though the weapons i have are pretty effective against my enemies, there are scarce replacements for repair. furthermore, the shotguns and rifles that the locals use are horribly flawed, losing 30-40 hit points of personal health every time the weapon is fired. i refuse to use such weapons,

i found location after location, traveling back and forth across the map like a drunken minesweeper. eventually i find everything. the stickiest situation that i've had to deal with thus far was a sewer grate that led into a morgue, and from that morgue, a detention center with 6 sentry bots and turrets. that took a while to clear, but i manged to come out of the battle with less than significant damage.

i befriended a female moonshiner and helped her make her special brew, which i refuse to drink.
i also tracked down the trail of a foreign communist spy and followed his footsteps through various locations. i managed to peak level 30, and with a well placed save, i was able to unlock the Messiah, True Mortal, and Devil Trophies. PLING!!!

now, on to the mansion and the meat and bones of the DLC.

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