Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fallout Journal #7: The Bigger They Are...(The Inflamed Uvula Entry)

After my last entry i began setting sights on the five Behemoths that roam the game, but i have also gained a sore throat of epic proportions. it's difficult to talk at times, and whatever it is, it's draining me of energy. it's gradually getting better, but still pissing me off a bit, so i've spent a few nights up by myself because of the difficulties of sleep. perfect time to go hunting,

i had already taken out the first one when i traveled to Galaxy News Radio. the second was locked up in my pen (that's right, MY pen) at Evergreen Mills, so i let it loose only to murder it. I'm a murderer, i've come to grips with my strengths in this game, so i barely batted an eye when regulators showed up to attack me shortly after leaving the mill.

so that left only three remaining Behemoths. i decided to do some spelunking in the sewers and subways and see if i could come across a few areas deep in the DC ruins that i hadn't visited yet. i was pleasantly surprised when i came across the old Capitol Hill building, and after getting deep into the $#!+ with some Mutant Overlords and Brutes, i found the third Behemoth in the main rotunda. three down, two to go.

so i look into my big wasteland book and try to find the locations of the last two behemoths. one is at a mutant camp that i hadn't discovered yet, and the other in a plaza still undiscovered.

i headed into the general area where the mutant camp was located. i found the camp, but no mutants anywhere. i came to discover that i would have to do a small miscellaneous quest in which i have to track down the remains of a search party. which means that i would have to find the point of origin, a place called L'Efant Plaza. Great...more tunnel snaking.

after trekking through the blue line subway, i managed to find L'Efant Plaza. kind of an ugly place, and i really didn't feel like searching the area too much, so i bee-lined straight to the area, a small burial mound that housed a note detailing info about the party's next location.

i headed to the next location, a ranger compound, and had to hack a computer terminal so i could get some more information. after a few tries, i headed to more familiar areas. the raider compound just south of Dukov's place held the next note, then a continuation across the river to the sewer facility to another note, which finally was to direct me back to the mutant camp.

sweet! i speed travel to the camp, find the one remaining member of the party, and get attacked by him. a shot to the face with my plasma rifle changed his Taps. i check over the body, then run into the mutant camp to find...nothing.

where's the behemoth? he's supposed to be here. We've got a date with guns!

resigned to the fate that the game is glitched and that maybe he'll show up later, i head to the fifth site, a place called Tacoma Park. i find the white line, jump in where i can be the closest to the location, then find raiders and mutants a plenty. after a smorgasbord of slaughter, i come across the fourth( or fifth?) Behemoth. i lay waste to both he and his crew, and i hear that fantastic drumroll of LEVEL UP echo. i quickly mash my start button and save prior to going to the stat increase page. now i have a great save point, just before hitting level 29, so that i can hit the trophies for hitting 30 with good, neutral, and evil karma.

after continuing my way of evil, i have decided to go back to evergreen mills, and walk the distance to the mutant camp. perhaps now that the game has remembered what a behemoth is and looks like, perhaps it will be nice enough to drop the last one in the camp where it belongs.

so i head out of the mill, after dispatching another batch of raiders, and walk out down the railroad tracks to the camp. i see nothing. my heart sinks. crap, this means i'll have to use a lower lever save to try again at another--BOOM!

what was that?

mow, if i haven't stated it before, my game has developed glitches. a few times i will be running around the wild and i come across a deathclaw, and suddenly it gets whisked up into the sky and disappears. well thankfully, sometimes the glitch works the other way.

a Behemoth, the last Behemoth, drops in for a visit.

i unload everything i've got into the final giant mutant, a smile on my face knowing that it's death is imminent. within a few minutes, the great beast drops and i hear the all too familiar PLING of my PS3 letting me know about earning the "The Bigger They Are..." Trophy.


i return to Megaton, throw a few things in the fridge, slug back a few Nuka-colas, sleep, re-fit my self, then i head out for the Duchess Gambit, and the adventures that await me in Point Lookout.

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