Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fallout Journal #10: Death by Pencil

after returning home from Point Lookout, i collected a few things, and began my annual "Blood Sugar" run. in other words, i went to the Seneca Station to drop off some Sugar Bombs, and then into the Meresti Station to drop off about 70 Blood Packs. i didn't realize that i had that many to begin with. that's a lot of freed up encumbrance weight.

after, dropping off the blood packs, i had a need for some pulse weapons. grenade or mine, it did not matter. i was intending on finishing up a couple of side missions, specifically Stealing Independence, which i knew i would need for the robots that inhabited the lower section of the national archive. since i was still in Meresti, i decided to hit their local store.

now i was on their good list, but i made an error...a big one.

i got a little twitchy on the button, and prematurely hit the x button on my controller before selecting the proprietor of the store. i inadvertently stole something, right in front of the store owner...a pencil.

instantly everyone turned against me, and opened fire. i holstered my weapon, then frantically searched through my inventory, trying to find that stupid pencil. i managed to find it and threw it on the floor. still, they continued to fire on me.

i made a run for the door, but stopped once i got into the first tunnel. i hate to say this, but i need these people. they are an unfortunate necessity, but their caps are good. leaving this area would provoke a auto-save, which would pretty much ruin everything at this point. so, i accepted my fate, and allowed the would-be vampires to  have their pound of flesh.

revived and reloaded, i went back, gave them their blood, properly checked their wares, and headed out into the wastes. i picked up Dog Meat to take on the adventure with me, but i wanted make sure that he was not going to die on this mission, so i made sure i had enough stimpacks with me.

i came across sydney in the National Archives, who was also looking for the same items. i knew this dance before, so we joined forces, and i was kind of rooting for her to survive the ordeal. Does she ever? we made it deep into the first area until we opened a door and there were about four or five super mutants. one even had a missile launcher, Dogmeat and myself were able to fend off the attackers, but sydney died...again...

i traveled into the bot inhabited depths of the archives, took out the sentry bots, hacked a few terminals, picked a few locks. i found Button the Robot, and told him a good work and he's earned a well deserved rest. i shut everything down, then take off with the real bill of rights and the Declaration of independence.

my nest stop took me to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. i knew there were slavers here, my kind of people, and i talked to them about some escaped slaved somewhere in the wasteland. now, i knew where this temple of the union is located, so i fast traveled to the place, found my way inside, talked to the leader of the slave pack, gave my solemn vow to never speak of this location. then, i turned around, fast traveled to the Memorial, and became a turncoat faster than Benedict Arnold.

the slavers invited me to join them on their little raiding party. HELL YES! after sending Dogmeat back home, i eagerly followed the leader through the tunnels, past Rivet City, then traveled near the Enclave Barrier on the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. big mistake.

the troupe decided that the best way to get through the area, was to take a swim. a swim in irradiated waters. we swam there for about five minutes before the AI finally figured out the way out of the water. as a sidebar, i highly recommend finishing this quest before the Enclave show up to mess stuff up.

we moved further down the coast, then ducked behind some ruins and a hotel where mutants like to hang out. we made it partway up a ramp towards the bridge...until a Super Mutant Overlord showed up, hanging out on an overhead walkway, taking potshots at the crew with a Tri-Beam Laser Rifle.

i quickly yanked out my Missile Launcher, the only real weapon that can do significant damage to such a creature at this range. i fire off about ten missiles, drop the green meanie, then try to catch up with my hunting party, who have obviously continued on without me and survived the attack, right?

there are no blips on my radar, no friendlies in the vicinity. i look to the ground, and see the dead body of the leader and a few of his crew strewn about.

Dammit! there's another quest i can't finish now! why is is that people tend to die whenever they're around me? i need to find more robust friends!

agitated and tired, i returned back to my Megaton home and settled in for some fitful sleep, hopefully i can plot my next plan of attack.

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