Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fallout Journal #6: Death Walks Among Us part 2

after branch saving a few times, i finally climbed onto the rail-car that would take me to The Pitt.

now this is the first time i've played any DLC on Fallout 3, so all of this is now territory for me. there will be spoilers in here as well, so be warned.

the first thing i did was meet up with Werner, a slave who wants me to free his people and save then from some plague. not really my thing right now, but i can handle it, and hopefully score a level or two of XP. so i dress up like a slave, and head in. however, i was carrying everything in my inventory; great guns, great armor, and bunches of goodies. after making my way across the booby trapped and heavily mined bridge, i get to the gates, and i'm stripped of my cache of weapons, armor and goodies. I WILL GET THOSE BACK! A-HOLE!

i head into The Pitt, which is not as big as i originally thought. There's Downtown, Uptown, The Mill, The Scrapyard, and little else. my system starts to lag a bit as it begins to process all the moving pars and sparks from the mill. GRRR.

i meet up with this woman, Madea, or something like that. and she says that i need to get the cure out of the head slaver's stronghold. the only way i do that is get into the fights and fight three matches. OK, how do i do that without guns?

i go do some dirty work out in the scrapyard, collecting steel ingots (bars) for the slaves. for every ten i get, i get something cool. so after meticulous saves, (and a later replay through the area) i manage to get 100 ingots and enough armor and good weapons to fight in the arena.

i get into the arena .Veni Vidi Vici. that means i get to see the head guy. yay!

unfortunately, my stuff is nowhere to be found when i get to the stronghold. SERIOUSLY? so i hop to my wasteland guide and see that all my stuff is in a footlocker in arena. so i have to hustle back through the areas back to the arena, pick up my stuff, save a few of the new things because of encumbrance issues, and haul it back to the stronghold, taking down a slave incursion as well. apparently i had made a choice for keeping the status quo without really making a real decision. what?

turns out, after a bit of snooping around, the cure is really...SPOILER***a baby***SPOILER

what? what the hell am i to do with that?

so i go back to madea, or whatever the hell her name is, and tell her the situation. she's not happy, and tells me that they could've used the leverage of having the cure, in it's current form, to bargain for their freedom.

did she know about this the whole time? why didn't she tell me?

i'm evil, but i'm not messing with that. it took everything that i had to prevent myself from opening fire and unloading clip after clip into her head.

so as i leave, i come across Milly. she wonders if i saw a "Wild Bill" running around the steelyard looking for ingots. i didn't see him, but before leaving i'd go look.

now i scoured the area, even after collecting the ingots, and i found no one called wild bill, so i checked the manual, and saw that he's supposed to be in one specific area. i go look. not there.

is this book wrong? is my system glitchy? WTF?

i go online after searching around for several minutes. turns out PS3 has a glitch that makes him spawn outside of the map.

great now what.

well, i look around, and apparently i find this video. it's terrible quality, but manageable.


 i follow it, and low and behold i get the letter off his body and find his gun. it's a glitch, but it's solid enough that it doesn't crash. this was a cool moment in what i thought to be a lackluster DLC. i expected a bit more.

i return home, and begin my quest for the Behemoths.

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