Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Project MAKO-over

after heavy deliberation, I am happy to announce that Project MAKO now has a name...CHOMP!

it fits well enough with the game.

having been partially sidelined with an injury (don't ask) i have a few moments to rework some things.

first off, i've added a hunter ship to the mix. meet Capt Shaw of the OKRA

at a certain period in the game, he comes out to battle the sharks. i modeled the ship loosely on the Orca ship from JAWS.

 the second thing i needed to do was fix the surfboards, because they weren't standing out well against the blue background. my friend Joshua said that yellow is a pretty common color for surfboards. i took that advice, plus redesigned the surfboards to the way they originally were envisioned. so here are the generation 2 surfboards.

the scale is a bit off, but at this early point its not a big deal. the key thing is that the boards are highly visible with the color scheme and design. which is just what i want.

more to come real soon. more is on my plate for tomorrow if i'm still in work limbo, so i'll see you then

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