Monday, September 9, 2013

Project MAKO Gets a Name and Some Game

i've been playing this shark game with my kids a few weeks now, and we have grown to love it. both my daughters, ages 14 and 6, can grasp what to do since the rules are really light and not complicated.

last night i was able to take the game out of my small family circle and let some friends play it. they were able to learn the game rather quickly, having been gamers for many years, and were able to give me some great feedback on the game.

i had been kicking around the name of this project. so far i have three possible contenders:

Predators of the Deep:  seems a bit dark and gritty for such a light game.

CHOMP!: one of the first ideas i had for the name. still sticking around. seems viable for it, and is straightforward in what the game is about.

SHARK!: much like CHOMP!s reasons for naming the game as such, and it would obviously be first thing a person would scream.

theres still some work to be done, but i hope to have this convention ready in october. let the creativity run begin!

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