Monday, September 16, 2013

Feeding Frenzy Underway

i have two decks of cards to build this week. one is a replacement victim movement deck that only uses North as a designation, just to see how that works.

the second in my Feeding Frenzy Expansion for the players to use. now i'm having some questions about how many cards i should have in the deck, as well as how many duplicates of each card i should have. as of right now i have two cards made, with 3 duplicates of each. 6 cards down. i'd like to do 30 cards, but thats way too low. might take the shot for a complete 54 card deck.

here's what the back looks like. the artwork is done by myself (for now), and that artwork will be used for the actual Feeding Frenzy card in the set.

additionally, i have some brand new shark dice heading my way, so that's going to kick up the cool factor for my game too. more to come people!


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