Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dreadful Distractions

over the past weekend, i was finally able to run dread for one of the group that i tend to run with from time to time. it had been something we had been talking about for a while, so with finally having some time off on a weekend, i decided to push it forward and get the thing going .

the scenario that i ran was "A Night at Seyvoth Manor", the DND4E module that sort of reminds me of the old school Ravenloft setting for DND. now i had decided to run this as a dread game for two reasons; 1) the content is wonderful and engaging with some interesting aspects as if it was a video game, and 2) it was more of an experiment to see if it could actually be done.

so we sat at the table, and i had originally designed the questionnaires loosely so that the party could either be fantasy or modern ( see previous dread posts). the group decided to go out in the fantasy world. ok, no problem, easier for me too.

the party consisted of three characters; a mage, a druid, and a ranger. the three set out to find the two daughters of a prominent noble, and the whereabouts of the previous two search parties. they are locked inside the gates of a large mansion, and have about 4 hours to complete their task.

some great highlights:

each character died twice, proving that this module was indeed designed to be extra lethal. as each player died, they returned a little bit later near the front gates, and i added the extra touch of having a jagged hash-mark etched into their foreheads as they returned to the living.

the mage died pretty nicely, as he opened a book about art and music, and the cursed book let loose a blast of violent sound and blew his head apart. we called it " death by dubstep".

more to come on this, more details, more evisceration, and how i did it.

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