Sunday, April 14, 2013

Super Dungeon Full Circle.

a small reflection point on something.

it amazes me how some things tend to pick up on certain vibes in your life and the ongoings at certain points within that life. (does that make sense?) much like a tattoo, everyday objects can be tied in with some of the most dramatic moments of our lives, and will always carry the memory of those moments. a memento of past events, good and bad.

such is the point with super dungeon explore,  a game that i have had for almost a year now, and marks the beginning of one of the hardest years of my life.

i was gainfully employed at an automotive parts supplier outside of town, but had left the company in a fit of rage because i was forced to pick between family and my career. it was not my best moment, but i wasn't going to let the company dictate my life.

i went with my daughter to a gaming convention that weekend, something we had been planning for a while, and it was there that i purchased SDX. i perused it, and it was a cool buy, but it was shelved due to a deep depression and marital issues. so, it sat unopened and unfulfilled in my garage.

the game returned to me later that year in the late summer, when i went to gencon to fill an obligation that i refused to let fall to the wayside. i talked to my buddy josh, who had mention that he had seen it there in the dealer room, and was interested in playing it despite the hefty price tag. this only reminded me that i had the game, and that i should eventually play it.

we met up later in November, and i wrote up a little review here, but again, the box returned to the garage waiting for another play. this time due to money and lack of motivation.

at the beginning of this month, i became gainfully employed, and i was able to close one of the ugliest chapters of my being able to purchase the "Von Drakk Manor" expansion for SDX.

its time to play again, old friend. lets dust you off.

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