Friday, April 5, 2013

Fallout Journal #11: Enclave and Outcasts

i decided to push a little further in the main story and go after the GECK . i headed to Little Lamplight and entered vault 87. i went in strategically, sweeping room to room with the largest guns that i have. i'm getting real sick and tired of dealing with mutant overlords. it took me a few frag mines and mini nukes to get through to where i needed to be.

 I found Fawkes, a large intelligent mutant, and decided to outfit him with my minigun and all the ammo for it. we carve a path of destruction (after several deaths and freezes) and he gets me the GECK since it lies in a highly irradiated chamber. unfortunately, he doesn't want to join up with me. (HEY, i'm EVIL! AND GIVE ME BACK MY MINIGUN!)

i don't even attempt to kill him. just a good choice at that point.

i walk out into a main room, get knocked out by the Enclave, and get sent to Raven Rock

after some torture, i think, i get released and i am granted some one on one time with President Eden. i shamble through the facility, taking shots at everything that moves, because they're gunning for me too. i make sure to pick up that last bobblehead (PLING! Trophy!) and i get some fame-to-monitor time with the president.

now i was really, REALLY, tempted to join up with the Enclave, but i needed a few more speech challenges won, so i told him that he's a bit mis-wired and needs some down time. he agrees, and decides to take the whole Enclave down with him. i take off, fight my way out of the facility, and head outside, where Fawkes is gunning down people with a gatling laser.

hmm...should i, or shouldn't i?

nah...more to do.

i head off to find the outcasts base, and head into the large facility there to take on Operation: Anchorage. i don't think they really like me, since i'm evil and wearing the Enclave Armor, but they are willing to work with me. plus the place is unusually clean and reminds me of Oz and the Yellow Brick Road. 

i'm hoping to pick up some sweet armor and some good weapons too in this part of the game. time to see if i'm up to the task.

until next time...please standby.

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