Sunday, August 11, 2013

Peircing the Veil: Project Mako

i had told you a few things about my brain beginning to act up again and a leak of something about to erupt. i had no idea it would come to this.

last week, august 6th to be exact, i had a dream about a shark-based table top game. i saw shark pawns that looked like the poster for Jaws, and the swimmer tokens were nothing more than and head and an arm on a flat base to look as if the whole figure was mostly underwater.

i know what triggered this dream: driving past a digital billboard that keeps showing shark week.

anyway, thought it was an interesting idea, but left it at that.

until my afternoon shower the next day, when my brain exploded and spilled out the exact way to make this game happen. my mind sped out of control, spitting out rules and mechanics that i was lucky enough to get down on paper.

my mind continued blasting me day after day, until finally i succumbed to it. i would do it, reluctantly, but i would make the game.

i thought about how to make the pawns, especially the swimmers and the sharks. i wanted to make them with army men and a hot wire cutter, while the sharks would be sculpey based. after a while i didnt think i would be plausible...until my mind again butted in and told me to design it "on the cheap" for now and just make shark fins for the sharks, and heavy cardboard standees for the swimmers.

ok brain, you win.

i'v spent the last several hours designing the game, building the pieces and now i'm almost finished. all i need to do is design a deck of cards and type out a rules set and it's good to go.

to you, the loyal readers, whomever you may be, i give you a picture of what is to come. project mako (since i dont have a better name at the moment) is underway.

until next time...don't go back into the water.


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