Saturday, August 17, 2013

General Update on Project Mako

during the tirade of the mind i had slowly started to get some things ready for the overall design of the game. a wooden block for a die, a deck of crappy cards no one is going to miss. etc.

by the end of the first night, as i posted those pictures, i was about 70 percent done with the project. shortly after the post,  i worked on the movement cards, and almost got them done.

then i took them into work and began coloring them, which with breaks and lunch i manage to finish the detailing of them in about a day or two.

i took time to work on a rule set on the computer, which took roughly a day or so to sit down and work it out in my head. still would like to do a reference card  soon.

i added a few more things, like point chits, chits to keep track of how many swimmers have escaped, and a windrose token that is used to designate north, plus i added color to the shark fins, so that each are easy to discern from the others.

all that remains is the final assembly of the cards. the backs are on the cards, just have 54 fronts to put on (yes 54, it includes 2 joker cards.)

more pics, and possibly a video, to come soon.

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