Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let's Explore...Super Dungeon Explore!

i picked up this board game several months ago, but had never played until last night.

its called Super Dungeon Explore and its a dungeon crawl game that emulates the good old days of  8-bit/ 16-bit RPGs. it sets heroes vs the consul and his minions. there are a multitude of minis, cards, counters, and dice in the set. tons of goodies to deal with.

so last night i got over to a couple of friends' house and was able to sit down and play a few games. the first game was  an 8bit game, which consists of two heroes vs the consul's denizens and a mini boss. that game was more or less the intro game that really helped us grasp the flavor of the game and the small nuances of the game. the game ended in my defeat, since i was the consul.

the second game was a 16 bit game, which involved 3 heroes vs the consul's denizens, minions, a mini-boss, and the main dragon boss.  that game went in my favor, with the dragon coming out and flaming everything in sight.

after the game, we sat around and discussed the pros and cons of the game.

the pros: its a great looking game that really captures the flavor of what its trying to capture. the minis are well sculpted and even a bit cute since they're Chibi in design. all components are high quality and built to last. play is picked up rather easily during an initial playthrough.

the cons: this game is pricey to begin with, and with several expansions on the way, it's going to be an investment. as a player, the game will become boring after several playthroughs with the basic set, since the same monsters will be out on the board every time. the consul's options are very limited in this set, and it will become apparent that at least one expansion will have to be bought.

the verdict: it's a great game, but it's going to hit you in the wallet.

also, i want to point out this group on youtube that has a great game series that explains how to play as well as an actual gameplay series. this first vid was perfect to getting a taste to what the game entails. kudos to them.


that's all for now. see ya.

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