Sunday, October 20, 2013

Qags-in-a-bag: SOLOing like a boss!

Saturday, my oldest daughter and i headed to Con on the Cob in Hudson OH. it was time to feed my brain.

now, i had missed the event registration deadline to run events, so i was out of my comfort zone for this one. additionally, i was taking my daughter to a "party con" known for its after hours debauchery, so this only added to my slight tension. that and the fact that there really wasnt much for me and my daughter to play together.

anyway, after getting our tickets, we found a "He Man and the Masters of the Universe" game in the con book. something we could play together! so we bought tickets...but the GM never showed up.

sigh...this is why i run events...because i know it would be done right.

so i took it upon myself to entertain my daughter the best way i!

we played games of King of Tokyo, CHOMP, 1000 blank index cards, and QAGS-In-A-Bag.

my daughter solo-ed an entire adventure. i'll tell you more about it later.

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