Monday, December 3, 2012

Looking for Something New? Check These Out.

i've been looking for some new things, mostly RPGs that are different and appealing, and i've come across several that i've looked deeper into, and that i'm currently reading.

Epoch: Fever Pitch and Epoch: Road Trip-- these are one shot survival horror games that run off of cards and how they characters deal with certain situations that the games force the players to encounter. i've downloaded both and have read Fever Pitch. Interesting concepts, and i would like to see the full Epoch rulebook to see how to make my own games for it.

Stars Without Number: think of a deep space RPG with some old school mechanics from 2nd Ed DND and stuff. it looks great. it reads great, and there are some great player aids in the back of the book about how to set up your own sector of space and how to inhabit it. reading now, and hopefully playing soon.

Atomic Highway: Post Apocalyptic roleplaying? yes please! it looks like the writers of this book are lovers of the genre, adding just about everything they can into this book. there's so much possibility in this game, and i'm real excited to delve into this one soon.

check em out!

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    Thanks for the shout-out for EPOCH. Send your e-mail address to and I'll fix you up with a review copy of the full game.