Sunday, July 6, 2014

Minecraft Journal: Team Play

unfortunately i lack the funds to purchase a PVR at the moment, but once i do, i'll be able to share some real good shots of our worlds in this blog.

anyway, my two girls and i have really gravitated to playing minecraft together. i get my solo world to myself once they go to bed, but we have a great time together in the worlds that we have set up together.

seed 631222154713583733: my initial world where i came across a village in the southern most sector of the world. there were two empty houses sitting across from each other and i've managed to disassemble one to add the the other. now a giant castle stands there, similar to Grayskull, and it interconnects to a very large mine that can dump you out pretty much anywhere in the world with some fancy footwork. my current project is protection for my designs and the village by creating a trench of lava around the area, i'm 50% done filling it, but i've died so many times attempting this feat.

seed -4656741128882376048: my daughters and i first started out in this world together and set up in one of the coldest sections of the world. we've lost all maps doe to deaths and really try not to stray away from our home too much due to the overgrowth of  trees and the inability to really be able to get a good grasp on our locations. over the last month we've barely played this one, only because of the next world i'll describe.

seed 3304: (it's the word GO translated to a seed), this world we started with my niece and have been playing heavily. our simple home (now a two decker fort) has been our stepping stone for learning the trades of minecraft. we've built guesthouses for other players. built a farm and animal pens. i've even managed to build an underwater lair. we've managed to thrive, but this world seems to be lacking villagers, carrots and potatoes. but we can call it home.

the three of us seem to fall into roles as we play. i tend to be the leader of the groups, offering up ideas about how we can better protect ourselves and address our current needs as a group. my 15 year old is pretty versatile, often figuring things out before we need them, such as how to build large structures by "jump-placing brick" techniques to get up high in the air. my youngest, the 7 year old, is the loose cannon of the group. she tends to do her own thing and is pretty reckless, like jumping from dangerous heights into puddles of water to see if she'll survive. she'll befriend wolves, only to have them turn on her. she attracts trouble, but she's good in a fight, as long as she doesn't panic. i can tell she loves the game a lot, and loves playing with the rest of us.

more to come.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Minecraft on the Mind

i used some gift cards recently to pick up something fun, and it happened to be Minecraft for my PS3. i tried out the tutorial, and after dicking around with it, without really getting too deep, i started my world.

it's very cool, and have found some really cool things so far, but the experience got better when i introduced my two daughters into a new world where we work together.

more to come on this. this should be a fun experiment.

Monday, May 5, 2014

AnCon review: a brief summary

ancon 2014 has come and went. it was a weekend that was a blur at best, and not because of any alcohol or substances either. it was a non-stop series of events that were both memorable and amusing.

my daughter and i arrived on friday, and after collecting our badges and securing our room, we headed down to the floor and prepared to play the first event i was judging: Qags-in-a-bag: kaiju edition. (more to come about this later). Ian, a hexgames staffer and general good guy, only had one player for his event and i only had one player for mine, so we all joined together for my game.

saturday, i loafed around the convention in the early hours, met up with people as my daughter played clash of the kaiju, and bought some board games and card games in the dealer room. i went to my two o clock game, fallout in bikini bottom, but alas the game didn't go off. bummed about it because it was the thing i worked on more that anything else. my last event of the convention was Gozer vs Gojira, and it was surprisingly real good. ill tell more later.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Bottom #3: Squid

back at it again and the deadline looms.

"Squid": an Irradiated Cephalopod

Body: 11
Brain: 13
Nerve: 10
Job: Wasteland Survivalist (13)
Gimmick: Irradiated Senses and Strength (12)
                      [-1yy or -1hp to activate]
Weakness: Karma's Kicktoy (12)


Barter (nv)
Big Guns (bo)
Energy Weapons(br)
Explosives (br)
Lockpick (br)
Medicine (br)
Melee Weapons (bo) +2
Repair (br)
Science (br)
Small Guns (bo) +1
Sneak (bo) +1
Speech (nv) +1
Unarmed (bo) +3

Perks: Rad Resistance: [30%]
Lead Belly: [50% of increased healing from natural food sources]
Equipment: Worn brown shirt, Clarinet [finecraft +1 club], Pickle Blaster [44 magnum] 55 kelpcaps.

General Info: radiation has take it's toll on everyone and everything, but the cephalopods have contracted a radiation sickness that rots their flesh, turning them into withered husks. There are some perks to the sickness, but it's only a matter of time before the sickness wipes out the entire population.
Squid had joined forces with Puff, a teacher turned merchant, and together they manages the stronghold known as Bountifool. Things have gone allright, and you've managed to live a decent life, but there are rumors of the president and his cronies scouring the wastelands for something that will make everything better. There's a fabled formula out there that might be able to fix everything, even your sickness. You had better make sure you get in on this, and get that formula in your tentacles before anyone else.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fallout in Bikini Botton Character #2: "Dim" Star

"Dim" Star: Caravan Trader

body: 12
Job: Merchant [13]
Gimmick: Duct Tape and Chicken Wire [12]
Weakness: Full of Bad Ideas [12]


Barter (nv) +3
Big Guns (bo)
Energy Weapons(br) +1
Explosives (br) +1
Lockpick (br)
Medicine (br)
Melee Weapons (bo)
Repair (br) +2
Science (br)
Small Guns (bo)
Sneak (bo)
Speech (nv) +1
Unarmed (bo)
Perks: Scrounger [+2 to job when searching for stuff]
Lead Belly [50% of increased healing from natural food sources]

Equipment: Reef Blower [shotgun], Rock Crusher [vehicle], boat gas tank, boat brake, kelp cutter blade, 3 rations of snailrat, copy of the Wastelands Survival Guide, motorboat helmet w/goggles, pocketed trader outfit, 75 KelpCaps

General Info: You're a starfish with a keen eye for uses for useless junk. Ever since the fallout occurred, you've been scrounging the wastes for trinkets and treasures so that you can make a living. Not bad for a guy who spends most of the time under a rock.
Things haven't been too bad; you've scraped by here and there, and have even managed to make your rock house a mobile conveyance, one of the few left in the wastelands. Your business is getting better now that you're more mobile, but there is trouble brewing.
You've seen the strange eye-bots flying around, spewing out the stupid recordings of that Sheldon J Plankton fellow. He sounds important, and is talking about finding a legendary formula to help put things right again. You don't trust him, but the idea of getting your mitts on that formula doesn't sound too bad to you.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Kaijunnaire

borrowing the idea from Dread, here are thirteen indispensable  questions that need answering when it comes to creating a kaiju. it's like giant monster mad libs.

Kaijunairre 2014

This monster's origin is ________________________

This monster was discovered/ first seen/ first appeared_________________

This monster most closely resembles a _______________

This monster's most distinguishing feature is its_____________________

This monster's infamous roar sounds like a cross between ______________ and _______________

This monster's trademark weapon is __________________

Three abilities/ traits/ skills that this monster has are ____________________, ______________, and
___________________ .

An unfortunate side-effect/ byproduct of this monster is _____________________

This monster's primary diet consists mainly of ______________.

This monster's ultimate motivation is __________________________

This monster's main weakness is ______________________

the unofficial title of this monster is the ________________ of ___________________

this monster's name is _____________________.

Ancon 2014 Blurb 2: QAGS-in-a-bag: Kaiju Edition

Qags-in-a-Bag: The unpredictable, unbelievable, and improvisational game returns with a giant monster twist. Players will collaborate and complete a “Kaiju Questionnaire” which in turn will become a main feature of the game that will be played, even before the GM and players know the overall theme of the game. There no telling when and where this monster will pop up.
This game promises to be funny/obscene/disgusting/disturbing but always fun. Come play in the one event you don't want to miss.