Sunday, July 6, 2014

Minecraft Journal: Team Play

unfortunately i lack the funds to purchase a PVR at the moment, but once i do, i'll be able to share some real good shots of our worlds in this blog.

anyway, my two girls and i have really gravitated to playing minecraft together. i get my solo world to myself once they go to bed, but we have a great time together in the worlds that we have set up together.

seed 631222154713583733: my initial world where i came across a village in the southern most sector of the world. there were two empty houses sitting across from each other and i've managed to disassemble one to add the the other. now a giant castle stands there, similar to Grayskull, and it interconnects to a very large mine that can dump you out pretty much anywhere in the world with some fancy footwork. my current project is protection for my designs and the village by creating a trench of lava around the area, i'm 50% done filling it, but i've died so many times attempting this feat.

seed -4656741128882376048: my daughters and i first started out in this world together and set up in one of the coldest sections of the world. we've lost all maps doe to deaths and really try not to stray away from our home too much due to the overgrowth of  trees and the inability to really be able to get a good grasp on our locations. over the last month we've barely played this one, only because of the next world i'll describe.

seed 3304: (it's the word GO translated to a seed), this world we started with my niece and have been playing heavily. our simple home (now a two decker fort) has been our stepping stone for learning the trades of minecraft. we've built guesthouses for other players. built a farm and animal pens. i've even managed to build an underwater lair. we've managed to thrive, but this world seems to be lacking villagers, carrots and potatoes. but we can call it home.

the three of us seem to fall into roles as we play. i tend to be the leader of the groups, offering up ideas about how we can better protect ourselves and address our current needs as a group. my 15 year old is pretty versatile, often figuring things out before we need them, such as how to build large structures by "jump-placing brick" techniques to get up high in the air. my youngest, the 7 year old, is the loose cannon of the group. she tends to do her own thing and is pretty reckless, like jumping from dangerous heights into puddles of water to see if she'll survive. she'll befriend wolves, only to have them turn on her. she attracts trouble, but she's good in a fight, as long as she doesn't panic. i can tell she loves the game a lot, and loves playing with the rest of us.

more to come.

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